Its Not Only About The Money


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Its Not Only About The Money

  1. 1. It Is Not Only About The Money Who doesn’t know Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg?Everyone knows them. They are well known as people who hold ontop position as the world’s richest men. This is not surprising due tothe fact that they have earned a lot of money. When talking aboutsuccess, do you think only people who earn a lot of money aresuccessful? Actually, the word ‘success’ has less meaning if youconsider it on how much money that you earn. Because as thephilosopher says, success means doing the best you can with whatyou have. I believe that money cannot be considered as the onlything to measure people’s success because of three reasons. First, success depends on the purpose. Money cannot measurepeople’s success because money can be gotten from bad ways andfor bad purpose. In this point, the purpose is a necessary thing tomeasure people’s success. Take a simple sample. You are going to adepartment store without clear purpose. There, you just walkaround, visit the same place for several time, waste your time andyour money to buy something that you do not really need. Thenregret comes. In life, if you have clear purpose, you will notexperience regret. Start it not only with a dream but also with lots ofbig dreams as your purpose. Do not ever be afraid when startbecause if you do not start, you will never arrive. Your purpose willshow you the way to achieve success as the guide who gives the
  2. 2. directions to the tourtists. So, make sure that you have the rightpurpose as a guide to give the right directions. It is also important tohave good purpose that will give you the easier ways to succeed.Why? It is because clear purpose and right purpose will not beachieved if they are planned for bad purpose. With good purpose,there will be a harmony on every purpose then the ways to succeedwill open widely. Second, success depends on the process. The process is anothernecessary thing to measure people’s success because it decides theways to succeed on how many efforts that you have been given andyour seriousness. What is called ‘the process’ is the progress whichneeds long time, hard way, and tough struggle. That is quite similiarto the proverb which says that success is the journey, not thedestination. This is another reason why money cannot be consideredas the only thing to measure people’s success. In the process, youmay confront a lot of hindrances but be confident not to stopbecause successful people are those who keep on moving. That iswhy the process is a worth thing that not everyone wants to exceedit and fight for it. But inside, the process is a real beneficial thing. Itwill give you precious things to succeed like how to create thedreams as your purpose, how to keep the enthusiasm motivates you,how to interact with other people, how to keep stand upright onevery tough situation and many more. Furthermore, the process also
  3. 3. tells hidden tricks to succeed so you can keep in line and cope with alot of problems. Anyway, the process is something complicated, butthat is needed because there are no elevators in the house ofsuccess. Last but not least, success depends on the determination. Thedetermination plays a lot of roles in achieving success. Just like asmall amount of fire which makes a small amount of heat, weakdetermination brings weak results. The determination will alwaysmotivate you on every step and this is the only thing that can makeyou start to create the dreams and have a willingness to make it real.That’s why the determination is the starting point of allachievements to succeed. The determination also forms confidenceto succeed and motivate you not to be doubt in every step you take.You will be a person who has self-confidence and be ready for a longprocess in front of you because you believe yourself. But however,failure is still considered as a thrill as it often makes you afraid ofgetting failure anymore. Here, the determination plays a big role as itgives you courage to go from failure to failure without losingenthusiasm. Just realize that the more mistakes and the morefailures you have made, they will make you get the moreachievements. Therefore, to be successful people, you do not need to earn alot of money because success is not only about the money. The
  4. 4. purpose, the process, and the determination are the real meaningsof being success. The point is, to be successful is not easy, but it doesnot mean you cannot make it real. What you have to do is just keepon moving because success never comes to look for you while youwait around. Believe yourself and show the best effort. Your hardwork will be paid and success will be yours.