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Technical English 2 (May 2015) - Reading Material


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Download and print this materials. We will discuss it in class.

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Technical English 2 (May 2015) - Reading Material

  1. 1. Technical English 2 May 2015 Reading Materials(Lecture 2) Readand explainthe text. …The objectof thisEssay isto assertone verysimple principle,asentitledtogovernabsolutelythe dealingsof societywiththe individual inthe wayof compulsionandcontrol,whetherthe means usedbe physical force inthe formof legal penaltiesor the moral coercionof publicopinion.The principle is,thatthe sole endforwhichmankindare warranted,individuallyorcollectively,in interferingwiththe libertyof actionof anyof theirnumber,isself-protection.Thatthe onlypurpose for whichpowercanbe rightfullyexercisedoveranymemberof acivilizedcommunity,againsthis will,istopreventharmto others.Hisowngood,eitherphysical ormoral,isnot a sufficientwarrant. He cannotrightfullybe compelledtodoor forbearbecause itwill be betterforhimto doso, because it will make himhappier,because,inthe opinionsof others,todosowouldbe wise,orevenright. There are goodreasonsforremonstratingwithhim, orreasoningwithhim, orpersuadinghim, or entreatinghim,but notforcompellinghim, orvisitinghimwithanyevil,incase he dootherwise.To justifythat,the conductfromwhichit isdesiredtodeterhimmustbe calculatedtoproduce evil to some one else.The onlypartof the conductof anyone,for whichhe is amenable tosociety,isthat whichconcernsothers.Inthe part whichmerelyconcernshimself,hisindependence is,of right, absolute.Overhimself,overhisownbodyandmind,the individual issovereign.