Lecture 3 What Is Good Essay Writing


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Lecture 3 What Is Good Essay Writing

  1. 1. WRITING SKILLSWRITING SKILLSCED 1224CED 1224Lecture 3Lecture 3What is good essay writing?What is good essay writing?Murni SalinaMurni SalinaFac of Education & Social ScienceFac of Education & Social ScienceUNISEL Bestari JayaUNISEL Bestari Jaya
  2. 2. What is good essay writing?• The ideas that you have written downmust supported by other documentssuch as from reference materials,discussion and other relatedmaterials.• The complex ideas is arranged sothat they are not repeated.
  3. 3. • Begin with an attractive opening – thefirst paragraph must be attractive toreader. Used simple words that youreally know about the meaning or withregards to the readers. Use shortsimple sentence but clear.What is good essay writing?
  4. 4. • Recheck the vocabulary, spelling,grammar, etc. when you finishwriting.• Signify the important points orindicate it.What is good essay writing?
  5. 5. What are the criteria ingood essay writing?• First, the topic chosen must be the topic that you areinterested with.• The topic also determined by your existing knowledge andthe availability of resources.• You must also consider the readers, the situation for theessay to be represented.• Lastly, you must always think of what is the purpose of theessay.
  6. 6. • A good essay is represented in a simple form of language,simple and common vocabulary, simple terminologies, andshort sentences and well organized coherent paragraph.• The flow of the points is also well arranged and in a propersequence. The point is also indicated and signifies all themajor points in its paragraph. Indicate the major point byany sign you like to use such as underlining, italic font,bolding, etc. It will make reading easier.• Every paragraph should have its own major points separatedfrom other major points by other paragraph. The majorpoints must be explained by the minor points and supportingpoints.What are the criteria ingood essay writing?
  7. 7. • Use a recommended font, size and space required. Don’t useany kind of font. Don’t use any fancy words.• The points used should be valid and easily understood bythe readers. Follow exactly the format of writing such asthe introduction to the chapter, body section and summary.• Way of writing references and attaching the appendix mustalso follow the correct format recommended.What are the criteria ingood essay writing?
  8. 8. What are the factors thataffect your essay?• You are not sure when choosing the topic. You do not havethe background knowledge about the topic concerned. Itbecomes worst if the resources are limited. You are also notinterested on the topic.• You don’t have any particular format in writing yourassignment and you don’t take any effort to know how towrite a good essay.• You have preconceived ideas by expecting the reader toknow about what you write. Thus your explanation is alsoscattered everywhere.• Repeating the same point will down grade your essay.
  9. 9. What should you do beforewriting an essay?• Choose a topic– Does this topic interest me and the public?– Do I have enough background knowledge?– What is the real topic?– What makes me want to explain on this particular topic?– How do I organize the points?– Who is the reader?– How to make this topic interesting?
  10. 10. What is the advantage tothe readers?• Your essay is your opinion to be shared to the readers. Yourwriting is not only regarding the points to be delivered, butit is related to the getting attention and interest from thereaders.
  11. 11. How to write?• You must know the right format in writing a good essay.Sometime the teacher will give you the format. Sometimesthey just ignore and you are required to find out yourself.Without any guidance in writing an essay you are just like ablind person with an arrow that you don’t know where theright target is. If there is a format you have to follow asintroduced by the school then follow exactly the guidelinesin writing the essay.
  12. 12. Draft• A draft of ideas that comprises of major points, minorpoints and supporting points is needed to present the wholeidea before you begin to write. Writing the outline aboutwhat you are going to write is important so that you canallocate enough content to the objectives of writing.
  13. 13. Sources of references• Before you choose any topic, please make sure that you willhave enough resources. At times, the resources availablemay mislead you in the middle of a discussion. It can alsolead you to difficulties in completing task.