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Cv 2


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Cv 2

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Mr. Salim Karamohba Sillah Mineral ExplorationistsPERSONAL DETAILSSurname: SillahOther Names: Salim KaramohbaDate Of Birth: 15th August 1974Nationality: Sierra LeoneanHighest Education Level: M.Sc. Mining Geology (Current Student)Highest Position Held: Supervising GeologistAddress: Glassney View, BH-F8 R1, Tremough Campus, Treliever Road, Falmouth, TR10-9EZMobile Phone: +44 771 890 4096Email Address: or salksil1@yahoo.comEDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONSPeriod Attainment Institution State/Country2010-2011 M.Sc. Mining Geology Camborne School Of UKCurrent Student September 2011 Mines2011 Certificate Data Mine Data Mine, UK UK1995-2001 Bachelor Of Science University Of Sierra Sierra Leone (Honors Geology) Leone2002 Mapping Certificate Statistics Sierra Sierra Leone Leone
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPMember, Mineralogical Society (VMH042)Member, Cornish Institute Of EngineersMember, Camborne School Of Mines AssociationMember Sierra Leone Institute Of GeoscientistPROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVEAchieve a strong International credibility in the Mineral Exploration and Mining Industryby being a Professional contributor through a proven fulfillment of innovative, honestand reliable professional work ethics. Seek optimal value-added opportunities for clientsand employers by providing quality professional leadership and advice.PROFESSIONAL CAPABILITY STATEMENTProfessional geologist with over 8 years of post graduate working experience in hard rock andalluvial diamonds, hard rock and alluvial gold, Alluvial Gold Processing, laterite nickel deposit,uranium and REEs in Sierra Leone (West Africa) and Guyana (South America) as Juniorgeologist, senior Exploration geologist, Project Geologist and supervising geologist.Involve at various stages of exploration from regional reconnaissance sampling throughdiscovery, development, mining and marketing in various mineral types listed above.Work with companies in diverse cultural sensitive areas in my careerPROFESSIONAL POST GRADUATE EXPERIENCE- SUMMARYFrom To Position Institution Location/Country2010 2010 Guyana, South Project manager IMH partners Inc America2008 2010 Senior Exploration Sacre-Coeur, Guyana, South Geologist Guyana Inc America2007 2008 Sierra Leone, Supervising Geologist African minerals West Africa2005 2007 Sierra Leone Sierra Leone, Senior Geologist Diamond Company West Africa2004 2005 Sierra Leone Sierra Leone, Junior Geologist Diamond Company West Africa2002 2004 Statistics Sierra Sierra Leone, Mapping Officer Leone West Africa
  3. 3. WORK EXPERIENCEPeriod: March 2010 – August 2010Position: Project ManagerInstitution: IMH PartnersWork Location: Guyana, South AmericaResponsibilities & Task  Directing and supervising the entire alluvial gold exploration program from scratch up to development and mining.  Budgeting, requesiting/ordering the right equipment for the mining and processing  Report writingAchievements  Evaluate and assess the properties own by the company and eliminate the non- potentially viable mineral rich/economic grounds  Improve on the mining and recovery processes of the existing grounds mined  Help in the understanding of processing micron to fine gold in alluvial systems by being the first geologist to recommend particle size analysis of alluvial gold in Guyana and relate it to gravity/sluice processing systemPeriod: May 2008 – March 2010Position: Senior Exploration GeologistInstitution: Sacre- Coeur Minerals, Guyuna IncWork Location: Guyuna, South AmericaSupervisor: Luisito Sangalang – Exploration ManagerResponsibility & Task  Design and direct an Alluvial diamond and Gold exploration program from grass root to development and test mining stage  Designing sampling techniques, data handling, lab analytical selection, interpreting of data  Evaluating and assessing the Alluvial resource of company
  4. 4.  Designing a development phase for the project and oversee the bulk sampling  Grade controlAchievements  Define 8 alluvial areas  Define the geology and classify the different types of alluvial deposits in the company properties that is applicable for most of South America  The project helped the company in raising sufficient cash on the market to buy equipment and expand its operationPeriod: October 2007 – May 2008Position: Supervising Geologist – Gold & Base Metals DepartmentInstitution: African MineralsWork Location: Sierra Leone, West AfricaSupervisor: Alexander Meyers – Vice PresidentResponsibilities & Task  Supervising up to 15 local and expatriate geologist with over 300 support staff on advance exploration work on Trenching, RC and Diamond Drilling, Helicopter Support drilling, ground magnetometer survey, Scintillometer survey and Road development  Compiling report from the various exploration teams working on laterite Nickel, copper and cobalt, Gold hard rock and Uranium and REE  Requisitions of all exploration equipments for the project ranging from drill spares, sampling equipments and gears, infrastructure development in the community e.t.c  Help in the interpretation of result and advance work planning  Budgeting for the project and handling cash call from all exploration and admin support  Recruiting and training local employees  Supervising the jig station and the kimberlite indicator minerals picking labAchievements  Being part of the first discovery of major Nickel laterite and base metals in Sierra Leone  Acted at a VP position for 3 weeks and manage the department efficiently
  5. 5. Period: December 2006 - October 2007Position: Senior Exploration Geologist – Kimberlite (hard Rock) DepartmentInstitution: Sierra Leone Diamond CompanyWork Location: Sierra Leone, West Africa (Now African Minerals)Supervisor: Ian Tomlinson - Exploration manager and VPResponsibilities & Task  Leading 6 exploration teams in sampling for kimberlite in the major part of the company’s Properties in Sierra Leone which is over a third of the country  Designing exploration program for the teams , handling data, and implementing projects as directed by supervisors  Managing all level of the work from sampling to geophysical survey to drilling to discovery of kimberlite  Report writing, preparing cash calls, admin and PR in the communityAchievements  Being the first Sierra Leonean to lead a team in the Discovery of Kimberlite  Being part of kimberlite discovery in tropical West Africa Using Kimberlite Indicator Mineral ApproachPeriod: March 2004 – December 2006Position: Junior geologist – Kimberlite (hard Rock) DepartmentInstitution: African MineralsWork Location: Sierra Leone, West AfricaSupervisor: Jerry N. Garry – Regional Supervising GeologistResponsibilities & Task  Doing Regional stream sediment sampling for kimberlite in all topographic settings influencing drainage pattern and consequently indicator mineral transport  Follow up stream sediment and soil sampling  Sampling aeromagnetic targets  Running ground magnetometer
  6. 6.  Inputting sampling data and preparing maps for the field teams  PR and camp AdminAchievements  Understanding the principle of stream sediment sampling  Designing follow up programs and target selection for samplingCOMPUTER SKILLSSOFT WARE USE LEVELGarfile Downloading GPS EfficientMap Info Making and Editing Map Efficient Drawing Drill Sections EfficientGeoSoft Creating and editing Maps AverageMicrosoft Word Create and Edit text in Letters and Reports EfficientMicrosoft Excel Analyze Information And Manage Spreadsheet EfficientMicrosoft Power point Create and Edit Presentations EfficientLANGUAGE EXPERIENCECan Understand, read and write fluently in English, Speaks Mandingo (Mother Tongue- spokenin Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mali, The Gambia, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Liberia) , speaks Creolefluently (spoken in Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Gambia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana). Can writeArabic but not spoken, Can speak, write and understand French average (working level).SHORT COURSES2006 Aeromagnetic Interpretation and Target Sampling Guyuna2007 Diamond, kimberlite And the Upper Mantle Cape Town, South Africa2007 Drill Target selection and Orientation Sierra Leone2006 Directing and Supervising Exploration Projects Sierra Leone2004 Sampling for Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Sierra Leone2003 Population Census Survey & Cartography Sierra Leone
  7. 7. REFERENCESName: Dr Ben WilliamsonTitle: Director Of Studies For Undergraduate Degree programmes In geologyOrganization: Camborne School Of Mines, University Of ExeterEmail: Gibril BanguraTitle: General ManagerOrganization: African Minerals LtdEmail: gibril.bangura@african-minerals.comName: Jerry N. GarryTitle: Deputy Team LeaderOrganization: GTZ- Afghanistan Natural Resources ProjectEmail: