Saleem Malik Painting / Coating, Insulation and Fire proofing inspector


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I developed a clear understanding of the different aspects of the works of Painting / Coating, Insulation and Fire proofing as well as an awareness of likely future developments in this field. This gave me practical experience of producing creative ideas within a strict deadline and demonstrated my ability to prioritize tasks. Now I am working in CAPE EAST WLL QATAR as a PAINTING/INSULATION INSPECTOR

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Saleem Malik Painting / Coating, Insulation and Fire proofing inspector

  1. 1. SALEEM MALIK EDAKKANGATHIL DAR-E-AMAN RANDATHANI (POST) MALAPPURAM DISTRICT KERALA STATE INDIA - 676 510 TEL: 0494 – 2611942 CELL: 009193 87 87 00 99 (India), 009743656827 (Qatar) E-mail: Career objectives:  Coating inspector – holder of coating inspector course certificate BGAS CSWIP (TWI UK) Grade-2, seeking a career in the same field. Strong coating awareness, coating methods and different type of coating to different environment. Skills developed through previous experience. Education (Technical) Painting/Coating inspector grade 2 (2008 November) • Surface preparation methods and standards • Paint manufacturing, testing of painting and blasting • Different type of metal coatings • Measuring methods Diploma course in Coating Inspector (2008 August) • Blasting Standards and Different types of abrasives • Corrosion theory, Chemical reaction, Paint systems, primer • Water borne coatings
  2. 2. Diploma in Applied Electronics and Computer Maintenance (1999) • Wireless technology and wireless communication, • Circuit designing and chip level programming Diploma in Electrical Engineering (1997) • Heavy Electrical wiring, Generator winding, • Cable, under ground wiring cable and pipe insulating • Special coating for cable Education (Academic) Hindi Sahithyacharya (Kerala Hindi Prachara Sabha 2003) Diploma in Hindi (Central Hindi Directorate 2002) S S L C (Board of Public Examination Kerala 1996) Relevant work experience: Painting Inspector Grade 2 (cont...)  Inspection of Surface preparation and Painting and insulation in Qatalum Project, QP NGL Mesaieed industrial city, Ras Gas Raslaffan industrial city alkhor Qatar  CAPE EAST WLL DOHA QATAR  Cathodic protection for water storage tanks (Impressed current system) (Qatalum plant - mesaieed Qatar)  Nitrogen (N2) system coating (Qatalum – Qatar Aluminium Mesaieed)  All types of storage tank coating (external and internal) (Qatalum – Qatar Aluminium, Mesaieed)  Cold spray aluminium coating on pipe line (Ras Gas – Raslaffan industrial city Alkhor)  Under ground sea water line blasting and coating (Ras Gas – Raslaffan industrial city Alkhor)  Under ground sea water line catholic protection installation (sacrificial anode system)  Plant concert foundation coating (NGL- mesaieed industrial city mesaieed)
  3. 3.  Degreasing and salt contamination test  Holiday test and pinhole test  Found various coating/ insulation faults and remedies  Carried out coating measurement using different painting gauges Supervision of Blasting and Painting (Dec 2008 to Feb 2009)  Supervision of Blasting and Painting in IPCOAT Kerala after the study  Found various coating faults and remedies  Carried out coating measurement using different painting gauges  Supervision with abrasives like copper slag, garnet, coconut shell 8 Years working experience in a steel furniture industry as a Paint mixer (from Aug 2000 to Aug 2008)  Manufactured Fast drying MCL PAINT by mixing in right proportion  Added colours in correct C P V C  Supervision in surface preparation  Supervision in airless spray painting  Applied appropriate primers for different surfaces  Blasting on metallic surfaces for painting and decorative purposes Used Equipments: Salt contamination test - SEM 400 Bressles test kit Holiday test - Elcometer 236 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge - Positector 6000, Elcometer 456 F &FNF Calibration foils Whirling hygro meter – Elcometer 116 Dew point and relative humidity calculator- Elcometer 114 Surface profile gauge - 130/10 Surface profile gauge testex spring micrometer 354-KTA
  4. 4. Zero plate – ferrous and non ferrous Dolly adhesion test – Elcometer 106 Adhesion test- Elcometer 108 W F T gauge steel and plastic- Elcometer 112, 115, 154, 3230 Limpet Magnetic - Thermometer Elcometer 113, 212 Digital thermometer – Elcometer 212 Telescopic inspection mirror Hypodermic needle gauge Other Employment: 6 years working experience as a part-time printer in KG PLAST (Bottle production plant)  Surface preparation for glass, plastic and metal  Screen printing on different surfaces  Glass colouring, engraving and etching 2 years working experience as a part-time printer in NIHALA (Bottling plant)  Multi colour Screen printing on different surfaces  Surface preparation for glass, plastic and metal 1 year working experience as Accounts Auditor in Office of the Deputy Director of Education, KERALA (Govt.) 3 years working experience as Wire man and Plumber in Private Sector. Activities involved & Familiar with: • Familiar with Approved Governing standards and Specifications (NACE, SSPC, ISO, ASTM, BS) • Familiar with approved Quality and Inspection plan
  5. 5. • Conducted Blaster and Painter Qualification tests and certified them • Verification of mill scale test certificates of materials • Verification of Technical data sheets compliance with the specification • Visual inspection of surface preparation • Supervising the Coating /Painting repair activities • Preparation of Weekly/Monthly Coating/painting repair status • Preparing daily Coating/Painting progress report • Prepare daily inspection report • Preparation of final documentation • Familiarized with specialized coating techniques • Issuance of NCRs for violations found during inspection • Verified required tools and equipments to be used are calibrated & properly tagged • Asses the condition of atmosphere & painting substrate • Check the blasting pressure at nozzle by using hypodermic needle gauge • Inspection of surface after blasting (abrasive blasting) • Check surface profile by using Testex tape & calibrated micrometer • Check wet and dry film thickness & various standard adhesion tests • Technical discussion with paint manufacturer for day to day issues
  6. 6. • Prepared inspection reports, test results for client project update Interests And Other Skills:  Insulation hot and cold  Chemical lamination and hot lamination on different surfaces  Concrete coating technology  Mirror coating on glass and fiber sheet  Vitreous enamel coating and Vitreous paint making  Fast drying opaque paint making (MCL Paint)  Treatment of different surface for printing and painting  Textile Paint making and Textile printing  Fiber moulding and sheet making  Printed Circuit Board making(PCB)  Metal engraving and etching  Metal Block and monogram making  Fire and safety Equipment making  Granite and Marble engraving and etching  Flexo block making (in nylon and polymer) and Flexo printing  Computerised nylon and polymer stamp making  Computerised pre ink and Rubber Stamp making  Lith film and plate making
  7. 7.  First aid treatment  Automatic Ultra Violet exposing machine making  Auto home and shop security system  Sound and motion detected baby cradle making  Deferent types of stamp machine making  Automatic Tea / Coffee wending machine making  Multi colour screen printing machine making  Internet browsing to find out technical things  Making new things in Electronics and designing Electrical equipments  CCTV installation with infrared light system Languages known: English, Hindi, Malayalam Computer proficiency: Ms Office, Internet, Windows XP and Windows Vista, Linux, Graphic Design Soft wares, Video and Audio Editing Soft wares. References References available on request Now working in Qatar
  8. 8. SALEEM MALIK EDAKKANGATHIL Painting inspector PF NO. 5789 Cape East WLL Doha, Qatar Ph: +9743656827