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salim and


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salim and

  1. 1. Color1-How would this scene be different if it were in black andwhite or in color ?2-How do you think the artist has captured either saturated ormuted color?3-what is the color attract you in this picture?4- do you think all these color are different?
  2. 2. Shape1-What feeling do you have when you look at this shape?2-What is the photographer trying to communicate?3-Does it remind you of something you care about or haveexperienced?
  3. 3. Framing1-What do you think the photographer choose to include orexclude from this since in order to draw your attention to thecenter of interest ?2-In what waysdid the artist use framing in this image ?3- What in the photograph helps frame the center of interest?
  4. 4. Pattern1-Do you think this pattern is complex or not?2-For each culture does these picture refer?3-What are the main colors they use in their art?4-How many time do you think it takes to do that?
  5. 5. Texture1-Does the texture soft or rough?2-Is the texture of object something you noticed right away,or do you notice it after looking for a while? why?3-Does that give any information?
  6. 6. Scale1-what is the size of this ship? Can you image it ?2-What is the picture about? What is the name of this ship?3-Can you relate to anything in the picture?4- What is the purpose of building this ship?
  7. 7. Timing1-What are things in the picture?2-What do the details tell us? What is their age ?3- What do the shadows (or lack of) tell us about the weather?4-Where are people turning?
  8. 8. Contrast1-What is the deferent between the man who is in the middleand the other people?2-Is he a foreign in this place? Why?3-What is the tall mans expression ?
  9. 9. Bold1-what is in the picture? Do you think it is important?2-what kind of ipad one ,two or three?3- Can you see the slot of charger?4-How the width can give you detail?
  10. 10. Shadow1-Why did the photographer include the tall shadow?2-What the details might be outside the frame?What is happening in the picture?Done by: Salim al-jafari and Salimalsuti.90846-93780