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Business leaders (1)


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Business leaders (1)

  1. 1. Great Quotes From Great Business People
  2. 2. "Formal education will make you a living, selfeducation will make you a fortune"   Jim Rohn
  3. 3. "Paying attentionto simple littlethings that mostmen neglectmakes a fewmen rich." Henry Ford
  4. 4. "All our dreams cancome true - if we have the courage to pursue them"   Walt Disney
  5. 5. "Business has only two functions - Marketing and innovation"   Peter Drucker
  6. 6. "Winning is a habbit unfortunatly so is loosing"  Vincent Lombardi
  7. 7. "High Expectationsare a key toeverything" Sam Walton
  8. 8. "Take charge of yourdestiny or someoneelse will" Jack Welch
  9. 9. "Your time islimited , so dontwaste it livingsomeone elses life" Steve Jobs
  10. 10. "I always knew I wasgoing to be rich. Idont think I everdoubted it for aminute" Warren Buffett
  11. 11. " Success is lousyteacher. It seducessmart people intothinking that theycant loose" Bill Gates
  12. 12. " I think a simple ruleof business is, if youdo the things thatare easier first thenyou can actuallymake a lot ofprogress" Mark Zuckerberg  
  13. 13. Thank you !