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Rebranding - Strategy, Identity - Srivas

Helped solve brand identity crisis of the real estate firm, Shreevaas Infrastructures, as it prepared for a multinational conquest

Excerpts from the winning pitch / 2013
Agency: JK

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Rebranding - Strategy, Identity - Srivas

  1. 1. 
 Salik Shah (2013) Rebranding - Strategy, Identity
  2. 2. RATIONALE FOR LOGO DESIGN PROCESS Create a brand identity fit for the Creative City: the new center of talent and powerhouse of future economy globally.
  3. 3. Old: Retouched:
  4. 4. New Identity
  5. 5. Our new logo represents class, heritage and international style.The use of gold above ‘S’ & the two pillars of letter A’’ signifies strength, power and safety—key to peace, prosperity and longevity.
  6. 6. The golden Zero above the letter S denotes the triumph of human creativity apart from hinting at its phonetics. Zero (Sunya) is a contribution of ancient India to modern science and architecture.
  7. 7. The logo derives its great impact from the glorious legacy of Roman Emperor Trajan and his contribution and commitment to ‘build to last.’
  8. 8. Trajan Sans, the font designed by Adobe, was inspired by the monumental capitals of ancient Rome.
  9. 9. “Trajan Sans is unique in its fidelity to the form of the highly-regarded letters inscribed at the base of the Trajan column.Trajan Sans can be used to convey a sense of permanence, elegance, and modernity in a variety of display titles and signage.”—Adobe
  10. 10. One of the greatest warriors the world has ever known,Trajan was also a master builder. Under Trajan, Rome reached its greatest territorial extent. The Trajan column, completed in 113 AD, still stands firm and strong in Rome today as a powerful reminder of its past glory. Roman Empire under Trajan
  11. 11. Key Attributes: Represents heritage, class and international style; Rising conglomerate. Triumph of human creativity. Fit for Creative City— custodians of modern science and architecture. House of strength, power and safety—key to peace, prosperity and longevity. Glorious past; conquering the world tomorrow. Build to last forever.
  12. 12. Stationery