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How to write perfect sentences for Facebook (Twitter, Linkedin, websites, headlines, brochures, etc)

  1. How to write perfect sentences for Facebook ( Twitter, Linkedin, websites, headlines & brochures ) CLIENTS: Ed Hardy, Jack n Jones & Louis Phillipe COPY: Salik Shah, August 2012 (Revised: March 2013)
  2. SALIK SHAH / twitter@salik CONTENT ARCHITECT & CONSULTANT Clients: Red Bull, Sony Music, Yamaha, Tata, National Geographic Channel, Hallmark, Titan, Ed Hardy, Jack n Jones, Louis Philippe, Leeds Metropolitan University, Makemytrip, The Backpacker Co, The Wanderers, etc
  3. 1. Know your brand and its objectives.
  4. 2. Choose the right tone and personality for your brand.
  5. Question: What is the right content which reflects your personality type?
  6. 3. Choose the right timing: Reach maximum people with each post.
  7. 4. Know your audience. Accept them as they are.
  8. 5. People come first, brands second.
  9. 6. Less is more: Keep it simple.
  10. 7. Limit post frequency. People kill brands which are too loud on their timelines.
  11. 8. Let people participate. Let them build your brand.
  12. 9. If you don’t advertise, people will do it for you!
  13. 10. Don’t tell. Let people discover.
  14. 11. It takes a lot of creativity to let people be creative.
  15. 12. When you let people be creative, they take interest in your brand.
  16. 13. If you can push the limits, you should.
  17. 14. Be witty.
  18. 15. Never overdo wit.
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