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  1. 1. STORY Strengthening the Training Opportunities for International Youth Stefan Jahnke
  2. 2. Summary The STORY project aims to improve the accessibility and quality of international placements and to increase the awareness regarding the existence of such opportunities for youth. This will happened through a research on the issue and an online platform, in order to enhance students’ international opportunities on the European job market. STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  3. 3. Table of contents Project Description • • • • • • • • Aims and objectives Target groups and their benefits Context and Justification Financing Phases Timeline Staff Outputs STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  4. 4. Project aims Quality of learning mobility Quality of placements and interships Focus: Erasmus study mobility Focus: Erasmus placement and Leonardo da Vinci STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  5. 5. Project objectives Investigate the current situation through 4 targeted questionnaires Analyse and highlight the key obstacles to mobility and in particular recognition Analyse the data collected from students, higher education institutions, NAs and companies Provide recommendations to policy makers and the main training mobility actors Develop a project website and communication tools to provide guidance and information Develop a web platform for promoting training mobility opportunities STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President | Collect, study and analyse good practices in training mobility
  6. 6. Target groups and their benefits Students/Trainees better access to training mobility opportunities with higher quality Higher Education Institutions reliable recommendations on how to improve the access and quality of training mobility opportunities STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  7. 7. Target groups and their benefits National Agencies/European Comission valuable information on how to tackle country-specific challenges enabling to adapt the future programmes accordingly Hosting companies/Organizations direct access to qualified international students improving the recruitment of international trainees STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  8. 8. Context and justification A major challenge of today’s young graduates unsustainably high youth unemployment rate in many EU countries. Experience abroad and work experience is highly valued by employers. Key EU initiatives such as “Youth on the Move”, “New Skills for New Jobs”, and “Youth Opportunities” underline the importance of addressing youth unemployment and overcoming the skills mismatch. Learning mobility is key priority to improve the employability of young people. STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  9. 9. Context and justification Contribution of the STORY: • Analyze the impact and quality of training mobility programmes and survey expectations and obstacles observed • Disseminate different supporting information; create awareness and provide guidance and information via an online platform • The online platform will provide an integrated market place that allows bringing together training providers and individuals seeking a training opportunity abroad STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  10. 10. Financing This project is funded under the Lifelong Learning Program to address the following EU policy priorities and objectives: • To contribute to an increasing number of students experiencing a training period abroad. • To raise awareness among the relevant target groups and the general public on the importance of the European cooperation in the field of higher. • To improve and make training mobility opportunities more accessible. STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  11. 11. Financing This project is funded under the Lifelong Learning Program to address the following EU policy priorities and objectives: • To reach a substantial part of the students coping with problems like recognition of training mobility by investigating the perspectives, perceptions and expectations of the four main actors. • To foster the relation between the different actors of training mobility by providing them an online communication and networking tool. STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  12. 12. Project Phases Establishment of the project’s teams Development of the 4 questionnaires Promotion of the questionnaires Analysis of the questionnaires Dissemination of the results Publications Conferences Website STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President | Development of the web platform
  13. 13. Project Timeline Nov/13 - Management Meeting 1 - Research Meeting 1 - Advisory Board Meeting 1 Jan/14 May/14 Website Web platform Aug/14 - Management Meeting 2 - Research Meeting 2 - Advisory Board Meeting 2 STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President | Sep/14 Final Conference
  14. 14. Project’s Staff Research Team Advisory Board: • CHE-Consult • Campus Europea • StudyPortal • EAEC • UNICA Management Team Web Team Quality Assurance Team STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  15. 15. Project’s outputs Dissemination of the research report on the current situation of training mobility Development of guidelines for quality training mobility Dissemination of best practices taking into account the perspective of the four main actors STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  16. 16. Project’s outputs Large dissemination and promotion of the added value of training mobility opportunities Recommendations for all actors involved in training mobility Website and online platform with a social network approach Guidebook for future trainees STORY | Stefan Jahnke, President |
  17. 17. Thank you  Is your STORY