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Nbm standing orders esn finland cnr zagreb


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Nbm standing orders esn finland cnr zagreb

  1. 1. National Boards Meeting Standing Orders CNR Zagreb 7.10. 2012 *
  2. 2. * 1. Definition 1.1 National Boards Meeting (NBM) is a meeting for ESN National boards 1.2 Country is ESN country with a National board 1.3 Chairing team consists of three members 1.3.1 Chairing team members should be former national board members, if none is proposed, any ESN Alumni can be elected as a chairing team member, if none is proposed, any national board member can be elected. 1.4 NB Coordinator is a person responsible for coordinating NBM. NB coordinators tasks are listed NB coordinator task list.
  3. 3. * 2. Open call for a chairing team 2.1 Open call needs to be announced to elect Chairing team 2.2 Call is announced by the NB coordinator, at least one month (30 days) before the event. 2.3 Call needs to consists from: -Where and when the meeting is taking place -What are the tasks for individual chairing team members -How to apply for the chairing team -When is the deadline for applications
  4. 4. 3. Electing the chairing team 3.1 Only countries can elect the members to the chairing team 3.2 The candidates should apply through the open call 3.3 When the deadline is reached, NB coordinator collects the applications and sends them to the national boards mailing list 3.4 NB coordinator is responsible for setting up the election procedural for the chairing team 3.5 Each country has one vote for each member of the chairing team
  5. 5. 4. Proceedings of the NBM 4.1. Chairing team is the responsible for chairing the meeting. 4.2. Chairing team consists from: -Chair -Secretary -Technical assistant 4.3. Chair of the meeting is responsible for: -Opening and closing the meeting -Leads and controls the speech, takes care of the timetable -Has the right limit, grant and deny addresses
  6. 6. * 4.4 Secretary is responsible for: -To secure that all the discussion is written down -Is cooperating with the chair that the the minutes are up to date -Assists the chair when needed
  7. 7. 4.5 Technical assistant is responsible for: -Gathering all the presentation material needed beforehand -Setting up the technical environment required for the meeting -Assists in case of technical problems 4.6 Chairing teams is responsible of preparing the agenda together with the NBM coordinator 4.7. All participants of the NBM have the right to speak, but only official country delegates have the right to make proposals.
  8. 8. 4.8. The minutes must be made public within one month after of the meeting taking place. 4.9. The minutes must be approved by the Secretary, the Chair of the meeting and the NB coordinator
  9. 9. 5. Decree 5.1. Every country has one vote. 5.2. The NBM has the quorum when at least 50% + 1 of all NBM countries are presented. 5.3. Decisions are taken by simple majority. 5.4. Only the presented countries can vote. No delegation of votes is possible.
  10. 10. 6. Voting 6.1 Vote is taking place when there is at least two (2) decision making options. 6.2 If there is only one option for decision, chair will ask for objections. If no objections is raised option is accepted without a vote. 6.3 A secret vote needs to take place in any vote, if any country requests.