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Italian Social Erasmus Week


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Italian Social Erasmus Week

  1. 1. SECM 22-24 Sept 2012Italian SocialErasmus update May 2012 (SE week): 7 sections involvedNovember 2012 (making the national SE week): 31 sections involved
  2. 2. SE workshop + drafts presentation of national SEprojects @Camp DolomitESN (31.08 – 03.09)Italian delegates @SECM (22-24.09)SocialErasmus desk @ICE 2012 – winter nationalevent (9th- 11- November)Making national SE week (26.11 – 01.12 –AIDS DAY) Subject | Name Name, Position |
  3. 3. Italian SocialErasmus week 2012After the International SocialErasmus week (May 2012), Italian sections were really motivated in planning for SE events.SocialErasmus week is a good way to feel sections all united for the same aim. EVENT LINK:
  4. 4. Four pillars involved Education: Charity: Environment: Health:
  5. 5. 26th Nov – 1 st Dec 2012The NSEW is going to be the first Italian SE event;Applications for NSEW;31 sections involved;Local coordinating teams for a common SE event(cities and regions);Making an official Italian SocialErasmus video; Italian SocialErasmus week 2012 | Alessia Musillo & Salvatore Nolli|
  6. 6. Collecting moneySome sections will collect money for the nationalproject: ESN ITALY/ANPIL a Scholarship for Congo:during ICE 2012 ESN Italy collected money tocreate a scholarship from students to a needystudent. Subject | Name Name, Position |
  7. 7. AIDS DayThe ending event of this new Italian project:AIDS day – Dec 1 st 2012.Local sections have the opportunity to collaborate:• with specialised local associations;• with universities for conferences;• with public institutions; Italian SocialErasmus week 2012 | Alessia Musillo & Salvatore Nolli|
  8. 8. Few events examplesGiocando con gli Erasmus – ESN Parma;ESN @ Boomerang – ESN Bergamo;Erasmus in schools + AIDS day - ESN Salerno;Healthy and beautiful Erasmus – ESN Trento;Be Statale, be sociale! - ESN Milano Statale; Subject | Name Name, Position |