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Italian national committees seep12


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Italian national committees seep12

  1. 1. Italian National Committees SEEP Athen 22-26 November 2012 1 ,
  2. 2. Structure 2 5 National Committees Every Committee has a Coordinator. Every Committee has 2 NB members as Responsible. Communication: ML, Skype Meeting once per month, updating during our NP.
  3. 3. Statute 10 active members Coordinator: Alessia Carlozzo ESN Roma ASE Responsible NB: President + Secretary Tasks: -to propose statute’s changements following inputs from sections - to work on national statute in order to update it after our NPs - to check new statutes of candidate sections .
  4. 4. Financial Coordinator: Laura Bovolenta, ESN Pavia Responsible NB: VicePresident + Treasurer 12 members Tasks: -to find new national sponsors -to support sections using it.
  5. 5. Network Care Coordinator: Giovanni Zorzoli ESN Pavia 14 members Responsible: Secretary + Vice National Representative Tasks: to improve quality of sections & events
  6. 6. Projects Coordinators: Stefano Marra, ESN ASSI-Parma Elena Maiolino, ESN Padova President is responsible of National Projects: Welcome Days, Fiat Likes You, Erasmus in School. National Representative is responsible of International Projects: Social Erasmus, Exchange Ability, Eduk8, EVS. Tasks: To develop, to improve & to take care of projects and of strategies in order to increase it on national and international level - to connect projects & NB.
  7. 7. Local Representatives Newest Committee composed by 49 LRs. International Topics: National Representative National Topics: Vice National Representative CLR- First phisical meeting: 18 October, organized by ESN Macerata