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It committee cnd12


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Published in: Technology
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It committee cnd12

  1. 1. IT committee Updates
  2. 2. Members 18 members Recruiting in progress Open Call for new members till 12/12/12 IT Update CND Orebro | IT Committee Chairs|
  3. 3. Meetings Past • Brussels, mid-October • 3 members attending + Google Hangouts • server virtualization project • possible alternative solutions about infocenter • new strategy for Galaxy • ideas for mobile apps for erasmus and ESNers Upcoming • Brussels, 14-16 December • 8-10 members attending IT Update CND Orebro | IT Committee Chairs|
  4. 4. Project Updates Webshop • Released in October • We are open to feedback Satellite 4 • Didn’t manage to meet our deadline for releasing it for the RPs • The design has been implemented to a great extent • Concluded on the features and modules that will exist and we are currently implementing them Helpcenter • New system with FAQ/tutorials and ticket submitting for specific problems • Plan to involve national and local webmasters IT Update CND Orebro | IT Committee Chairs|
  5. 5. Project Updates & More Galaxy • Working on a new strategy which will split Galaxy into two sites to distinguish its different services Server virtualization • More secure, reliable, maintainable, flexible, cost- effective • Continue with the migration during our next meeting Security team • Due to some server hacking a few weeks ago we set up a security team comprised of all of our hardcore geeks IT Update CND Orebro | IT Committee Chairs|
  6. 6. About you Feedback is always welcome! Although you may not get an immediate answer your feedback will be noted down and taken into consideration Know someone who is interested? • General Question • Like our Facebook Page • IT Update CND Orebro | IT Committee Chairs|
  7. 7. YOUR QUESTIONS Thank you for your attention …and of course IT Update CND Orebro | IT Committee Chairs|