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  1. 1. The Erasmus Generation professional network Foundation March 2013
  2. 2. The Erasmus experience has changed the lives of over 3 million people: the Erasmus Generation
  4. 4. Young (25-45 old), high level, open minded, curious of the world HOMO ERASMUS
  5. 5. Inclination to absorb new ideas and cultures HOMO ERASMUS
  6. 6. Educated to be innovative HOMO ERASMUS
  7. 7. Educated to be innovative and entrepreneurial HOMO ERASMUS
  8. 8. Used to to face the challenges and the potential of the international dimension HOMO ERASMUS
  9. 9. These people have something in common which has changed their lives
  10. 10. Until now, no one ever thought of bringing them together in a large-scale professional network Potentially the largest in Europe
  11. 11. Introducing garagErasmus….
  12. 12. garagErasmus Foundation is a network that can transform knowledge and dynamism of Erasmus Generation into sustainable economic growth and a more united Europe
  13. 13. garagErasmus is a Foundation with a private/ public approach: institutions and companies together for the future of Europe’sYouth
  14. 14. garagErasmus is building an ecosystem with the Erasmus Generation at its center
  15. 15. garagErasmus has 3 main goals:
  16. 16. Facilitating young entrepreneurship Startup
  17. 17. Startup Facilitating young entrepreneurship
  18. 18. Startup Facilitating young entrepreneurship
  19. 19. Startup Facilitating young entrepreneurship
  20. 20. Startup Facilitating young entrepreneurship
  21. 21. Facilitating the placement of talented people Recruitment
  22. 22. Facilitating business partnerships inside the network and attracting investments Business internationalisation
  23. 23. Join garagErasmus and be part of the Erasmus Generation professional network! Graphics by Carlos Granados, a creative mind of Erasmus Generation
  24. 24. The Erasmus Generation professional network Foundation