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Esn house istanbul 2009


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Esn house istanbul 2009

  1. 1. proudly presents…
  3. 3. Idea Feasibility Realisation Outcomes Benefit for ESN Int. ? Future vision ESN HOUSE İSTANBUL
  4. 4. FOR EXCHANGES Cheaper accommodation No estate commission No relocation cost No extra summer rent cost An institutional and secure location Freedom Moreover the only location with PALLOMERI spirit! 8-) FOR ESN Visibility Prestige Creditibility Free Office! Free guest house! A communication platform for local members and exchange students Sponsorships Sustainable income for the National Board!! Idea
  5. 5. Feasibility In order to make such big project happen… You need to have a lot of money ….or…. You need to use the power of the network, and use your connections!
  6. 6. Realisation Search for individual building owners or companies, which doesn’t have the costumer profile they need and/or human resources to run the building Get in touch with them, tell them the idea and look for win-win situation Believe in your idea, designate the profits to the network and to the investors work a lot to realise it
  7. 7. Benefits of ESN-Int. Section and member oriented project! Motivates them to join ESN Helps ESN to be visible! Communication platform also between the countries Free accommodation for IB, CNR and National Boards! You are all invited!
  8. 8. Future vision As ESN-Turkiye, we are working on a bigger ESN-House project consisted of 60 rooms with ESN Office, Conference hall, Workshop rooms and an ESN-Bar inside
  9. 9. Future vision We warmly hope this project will spread all over the network, similar ESN-House`s will be implemented at various ESN countries Imagine… At the very near future, an ESN member can just take his/her backpack, and travel among ESN House`s through whole Europe!
  10. 10. Special Thanks Chill-out Hostel Group ( ) Yildiz Technical University Tufan, Güneş, Umut, Nalan ESN-Turkiye National Board All ESN Turkey section presidents, section boards and members ESN Housers ESN House Istanbul | Server AĞIRMAN, NR of Turkey turkey@esn.org12