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Esn cv oct12


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Esn cv oct12

  1. 1. presents...
  2. 2. ESN CV CNR Zagreb, 04-07.10.2012
  3. 3. Agenda Idea of the project Timeline Content of ESN CV Functional design What’s next ESN CV| Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  4. 4. Idea of the project CoMeet Prague 2010 – first idea Idea: Increase in the recognition of the voluntary work of ESNers A document listing the positions/tasks during the ESN career as well as skills learned IT tool connected with Galaxy Project coordinated by NEC in cooperation with ICE and IT ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  5. 5. ESN CV - Timeline September – October 2011 • Work on the project starts • Coordinator: Cecilia Johansson (NEC) • Team: Jurek Jasielec (NEC), Juan Fernandez (ICE), Hendrik Schraa(IT) October 2011 – February 2012 • New Coordinator: Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec (NEC) • New Team members: Stefan Jahnke, Jonathan Jelves, Marco Cruzzocrea (all from ICE) • Establishing the Content • Feedback from ICE and Alumni Network Gathered • Work on the content finished... ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  6. 6. ESN CV - Timeline March – May 2012 • Work on pause May – September 2012 • Functional design • Two-men job • First draft of Functional Design • Feedback from Fabian and from ICE • Project ready to implement ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  7. 7. ESN CV – Content I Basic information • Full name • Date of Birth • Nationality • ESN Country(ies) - editable (e.g. more than 1) • Home section(s) - editable (e.g. more than 1) • Committee/International Board/NB (if applies) • Statement that person worked in ESN (no details) • Description what is ESN Section Quality Development | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  8. 8. ESN CV – Content I Basic information • Can be used alone as a certificate of membership ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  9. 9. ESN CV – Content II Positions in ESN Structures • Positions within your local section(s) (past/current) - list position/dates/description • Positions within NB (if applies) - list (as above) • Positions within Committees/IB (if applies) - list Other activities (functions/tasks) • Position within OC of events (AGM, Reg Platforms,...) • Function at international event (CT, financial auditor, …) • Function in National/International Projects/Labels • ‘International/National/Local Coordinator of:’ • ‘Working Group Member of:’ ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  10. 10. ESN CV – Content II Positions and other activities • Divided into 3 levels (local, national, international) • Short description can be imported from database (e.g. NB Questionnaire) or can be edited ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  11. 11. ESN CV – Content III Additional List of most important soft-skills • with their description • ESNers will have to be more specific about what they have learnt and to make themselves more aware of their learning. • This involves asking themselves questions like: • What did I learn? • How did I learn it? • When did I learn? • How do I know that I succeeded in learning? ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  12. 12. ESN CV – Functional Design Types of users • Primary end user • active ESN members who would like to create and print out their ESN CV • Secondary users: • ESN members who need to verify/approve this information (same people that manage the roles in Galaxy) • IT people who need to maintain this system ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  13. 13. ESN CV – Functional Design Visibility and authenticity • ESN CV of a user is visible to: • user himself • approver (and IT people) • all other Galaxy users • Authentication • The signature from the president of ESN AISBL on the general page • Automated Machine Code at each page of the Document • Other solutions (if Fabian wants so) ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  14. 14. ESN CV – Functional Design Connection with Galaxy • CAS • Importing general information • Approvers After the Login there will be following sites: • page1 – edit • Including: send to approver • page2 – preview • Including: print the ESN CV as a pdf • page3 - confirmation ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  15. 15. ESN CV – Functional Design Use-Cases • Use-Case 1: Login • Use-Case 2: Edit Personal Information • Use-Case 3: Add position: • Use-Case 4: Delete position • Use-Case 5: Add Function/Task • Use-Case 6: Delete Function/Task • Use-Case 7: Add Skills • Use-Case 8: Delete Skills • Use-Case 9: Confirm Position • Use-Case 10: Confirm Function • Use-Case 11: Confirm Skills • Use-Case 12: Edit Description ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  16. 16. ESN CV – What’s next Team completed the work on ESN CV • And consulted it with WPA ;) Small IT tool relatively easy to implement • Team completed the work on ESN CV Implementation by IT intern • Under the supervision of WPA ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,
  17. 17. THANK YOU & QUESTIONS ESN CV | Jerzy (Jurek) Jasielec, NEC,