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Co meet utrecht


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Co meet utrecht

  1. 1. IT Committee
  2. 2. Agenda About us Meetings Projects About you CoMeet Utrecht | IT Committee |
  3. 3. About us Supporting the WPA Reference for IT concerns of the whole Network 18 members More applications received every now and then Anyone interested in joining us? CoMeet Utrecht | IT Committee |
  4. 4. Meetings CoMeets Regional platforms Amsterdam, 2-5 August Brussels, 12-14 October Brussels, 14-16 December • 8 members attended • New server configuration • Discussions about current and new projects • Team building CoMeet Utrecht | IT Committee |
  5. 5. Projects Event Registration System (ERS) • 1 ERS for all international events • AGM and CoMeet registrations already there Server virtualization • Virtual machines are set up • Migration of services done during our Winter Meeting Galaxy • New theme is being designed! CoMeet Utrecht | IT Committee |
  6. 6. Projects - Galaxy Identity system of ESN members • Permissions and roles Database of sections Section website feeds • Events and news from the network • Migration of services done during our Winter Meeting One login for all ESN websites CoMeet Utrecht | IT Committee |
  7. 7. Projects Satellite 4 • Testing phase Candidates Blog • Separated from • Possibility for questions and answers Wiki • Substitution of the infocenter • Detailed presentation will follow CoMeet Utrecht | IT Committee |
  8. 8. About you Feedback is always welcome! Contact the chairing team • General Questions • Like our Facebook Page • CoMeet Utrecht | IT Committee |