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Bilkent esn 2010 spring


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Bilkent esn 2010 spring

  1. 1. Welcome to Bilkent ESN Bilkent
  2. 2. Basics of Bilkent: A Crash Course
  3. 3. ESN AT A GLANCE Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. Our mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. We are 12.000 members from 318 local sections in 32 countries working on a volunteer base in Higher Education Institutions. We are offering services to 150.000 students. Bilkent. 3
  4. 4. Who Are We? We are volunteer students who operate the Bilkent branch of ESN We organise activities for the exchange student community Some of the things we organise are: Orientation Trips Themed Parties Movie Nights Intramural sports
  6. 6. Academics The average credit load for a Bilkent student is 18-20 units. 1 credit roughly corresponds to one hour of class. More hours and lab time await engineers. Attendance is mandatory, classes are in English We don’t recommend leaving early but if you decide to do so let your professors know as soon as possible Stay in touch with your academic advisor in your home university to make sure your classes count Pick your professors not classes Ask us! 6
  7. 7. Esn Members Management – Serhan, Erman Econ – Okan International Relations– Nazlı, Fırat Pols – Can Literature – Onur Psychology – Gökçe Science-Engineering – Azer Law – Irmak, Cansu, Ayşe
  8. 8. Dorms And Facilities You are NOT allowed to drink on campus or the dorms There is a curfew at the dorms The health center, gym and the campus shuttle service are free, hospitals and city buses are not PE classes taken for credit are free, others have an additional cost 8
  9. 9. Transportation Buses, dolmuş & subway Paid buses, buses with card, subway “Dolmuş” is 1,8 TL for most routes Taxi: starts roughly at 2TL Campus buses: TM & SM / TD & SD / TDM
  10. 10. ESN CARD A discount card exlusively for exchange and students
  11. 11. Activities! Themed Parties Bowling Intramural Sports Video Game Tournaments Film Nights Food Excursions
  12. 12. STUDENT LIFE
  13. 13. Culture Shock!
  14. 14. Student Life 15 There are plenty of student clubs but their language of choice is Turkish ESN and MUN are the only two student clubs that have English as their default language You can join school teams We have a school newspaper in English for which you can work as a columnist or reporter
  15. 15. Parties! Tunus vs. Bahçeli Don’t get stranded! ESN Parties Don’t Do Drugs
  16. 16. Networking Facebook group: “Bilkent University Exchange/Erasmus Students Spring 2010” ESN Website: Coming Soon to a computer near you
  17. 17. Kapadokya Maximum 150 TL 2 Days 1 Night
  18. 18. Upcoming trips 3-11 April Spring Break Going South Skiing Trip
  19. 19. THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION Reminders: Get your residence Permits February 10th from the office Meet on Friday 6 at Vodafone Ankuva