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All committee updates feb2011


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All committee updates feb2011

  1. 1. Committee Updates CNR Eskisehir February 2011
  2. 2. AGENDA Committee Updates| CNR Eskisehir
  3. 3. Agenda ICE NEC FICO ComCom IT CNR Eskisehir|committees@esn.org3
  4. 4. ICE³ Committee Updates| CNR Eskisehir
  5. 5. What’s going on? New name New structure  working areas New communication way New position papers  consultations New members ICE3 updates | Alicia Macanás, Chair of ICE3
  6. 6. Brand new name IEC sounds too lame  ICE cube sounds more attractive  • Conclusion? International Committee of Education
  7. 7. Structure Chairing Team: • Chair: Alicia Macanás • Vice Chair Position Papers : Rasmus Aberg • Vice Chair Competence Development: Barbora Pecivova (temporary) Plus some task’s head coordinators Over 20 members • Objective: get everybody involved  avoid “observers” • Representatives of the Liaison Offices (CoE and YFJ)  source of information 7 ICE3 updates | Alicia Macanás, Chair of ICE3
  8. 8. Main updates Renaming: • Change the name of the committee: ICE3 International Committee of Education Erasmus Exchange Education • Change the name of Policy Papers to Position Papers. Communication: • ICE3 guide for newbies/starters (competence development) • Forum (webmaster) • Newsletter (chair) New consultations for Position Papers 8 ICE3 updates | Alicia Macanás, Chair of ICE3
  9. 9. Working areas updates New task division and ‘head’ coordinators: • Guidelines/Competence Development *Barbora • ESN Library *Barbora • Liaison Office *Lea *Madara *Carla • Webmaster *Roberto • Press Officer *Alicia • PRIME *Justyna • Survey *Emanuel • Eduk8 *Eva/Jurgita? • EYV 2011 *Eva/Santa? 4 new members and growing  9 ICE3 updates | Alicia Macanás, Chair of ICE3
  10. 10. Working areas Position Papers • Contribution to EU public consultations Research projects • PRIME • on the road until April! • Survey • currently analyzing the results Competence Development • Guide for ICE newcomers • ESN library • Education of ESN members 10 ICE3 updates | Alicia Macanás, Chair of ICE3
  11. 11. Challenges Effective communication *how we work • Forum instead of Google group (still moving to it) • Dropbox (until we get a repository) • Newsletter (first one next week) • Update the website regularly • Skype calls • Physical meetings + Small sessions Make the task division work Training of all the members Recognition of the work of the committee 11 ICE3 updates | Alicia Macanás, Chair of ICE3
  12. 12. NEC Committee Updates| CNR Eskisehir
  13. 13. NEC Since December  slowing down • AAT, SG, Guidelines, SitS, RP evaluation, ESN Eduk8, SocialErasmus Clear lack of Human Resources • Potentially 5-6 new members Only one V-chair application Restructuration as the fields are numerous and highly strategic Looking forward to CoMeet: 10 members joining 14
  14. 14. Update of FiCo Finance Committee CNR Eskişehir, February 2011
  15. 15. Members Chair: Erdeniz Vice-Chair Fundraising: Emanuel Partner Team: • Ausra, Bruno, Leo, Lydia, Marivi Marketing Team: • Elodie, Magda, Gytaute Audit Team: • Areti, Dimi, Kadi. Update of FiCo| Finance Committee, finance@esn.org16
  16. 16. Partner Team Research and approach strategy List of kind of company List of company Partner booklet done In contact with 3 companies already Want to have a contact person in each NB Update of FiCo| Finance Committee, finance@esn.org17
  17. 17. Marketing Team Are working on ESN card project Objectives: • Design changes • Production management • Price • Rules • Development A questionnaire is ready for NB/NR Update of FiCo| Finance Committee, finance@esn.org18
  18. 18. Audit Team Audit in Brussels from 1st -3rd February • Control of the expenditures • Help to close the budget Control the budget of 2011 Audit during AGM Update of FiCo| Finance Committee, finance@esn.org19
  19. 19. Contact Want more info or give idea, please contact: Chair: Vice Chair: Auditors: Update of FiCo| Finance Committee, finance@esn.org20
  20. 20. Communication Committee CNR Eskisehir
  21. 21. Our biggest news… The design of our structure !
  22. 22. Board Responsible: External Chair Vice Chair for Internal Communication Vice Chair for External Communication Press Relations Team Presentations Publications External Webtools Internal Communication Tools ESN Webpage Youtube Channel Erasmus for In/Outgoing ESN History Book Brochure Leaflet Internal Webtools Collaboration w/ Other Committees Corporate Identity Team Newsletter eXpress Magazine ComCom FB Page ComCom Webpage Other Social Media Officer for Social Erasmus Officer for Galaxy Officer for Policy Papers
  23. 23. Updates Publications Media team Youtube Channel Video(s) Corporate Identity Team Collaboration with other Committees Project to come Next Chairs 24
  24. 24. Publications eXpress Magazine • 10th issue is ready: “Time Travels” Brochure and Leaflet • First draft -> work to be continued • Anneli Saarela and Lucie Delsalle w/ Tania&Marco Presentations • PPT In/Outgoings: Irene with Tania and Marco • NEW ! PPT Why join ESN/be in ESN History Book : still in designing phase (Ismet) 25
  25. 25. Media team Quite sleepy PRIME project – press release to come soon • Will hopefully reactivate the group Project to write a media strategy • Marco, Tania and Elise (Media team coordinator) 26
  26. 26. Youtube Channel Responsible : Jiri Matousek To begin soon : call to the sections Videos of sections to be on this channel Chosen to give a „good“ image of ESN Any video you have or can think of : • Send it to Jiri • Tell Jiri about them (he‘ll chase sections ) 27
  27. 27. Video(s) Responsible : Ruben Alonso / Jiri Matousek Video by Ruben to be presented at the AGM on Erasmus in general Jiri filmed during Insight Week-end: result to be discussed Plan to develop videos about ESN 28
  28. 28. Corporate Identity Team CI Team • Main Coordinator will be elected soon • CI Officers for each region. • When the team grows, 1 Officer per country Corporate Identity Booklet has been designed by Marco • It‘s super nice  ! 29
  29. 29. Collaboration with other Committees For IT Committee : Aino for Galaxy For NEC Committee : Policy Papers (new) For NEC Committee : Social Erasmus (Irena) • active but stopped by int. coordinators… For Education Committee ? 30
  30. 30. Projects to come Videos Communication material on „Why to join ESN“ Newsletter for ComCom members only CoMeet Madrid • New members will be there • Anneli Saarela as well ;-) 31
  31. 31. Next chairs 3 Chairs, 2 Candidates : • Anneli Saarela – Vice-Chair for External C. • Eylül Cavac – Vice-Chair for Internal C. No vote organised by the Main Chair so we don‘t know if the members of the Committee support them • :-( Any candidate for the Chair position ? 32
  32. 32. IT Committee Updates| CNR Eskisehir
  33. 33. Human Resources Meetings (Christmas in Bxl, Galaxy migration this weekend in Utrecht, 6th meeting in May?) Hendrik Schraa as interim chair Many new members => CHAOS? IT Committee updates| Rania Chantzopoulou, WPA wpa@esn.org34
  34. 34. Restructuring the committee Rough ideas for the moment on how to proceed Finalization during CoMeet Feel free to suggest ideas! IT Committee updates| Rania Chantzopoulou, WPA wpa@esn.org35
  35. 35. Restructuring the committee Main idea: • Section oriented Vice-Chair • Satellite • Technical support • Helpcenter • Network oriented Vice-Chair • Galaxy • • Events, Commitees pages • International project websites • Server + backups IT Committee updates| Rania Chantzopoulou, WPA wpa@esn.org36
  36. 36. TIME FOR QUESTIONS Committee Updates| CNR Eskisehir