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Komlimobile Global Mobile Sales Deck


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Komlimobile is a leading mobile advertising network and a division of

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Komlimobile Global Mobile Sales Deck

  1. 1. Mobile Ads are calling
  2. 2. About Komli Mobile Leading Global mobile advertising network Quality traffic – on mobile web and apps 7 billion impressions per month globally Self service mobile ad market place with analytics Advance and Intuitive targeting capability insuring reach to the right TG for your Product and Services2 Confidential
  3. 3. About Komli Media Video Mobile A recent Search strategic Engine Recent partnership Facebook acquisition of the with Jivox Marketing relationship Zestadz mobile completes our Premium Exclusive advtg. platform digital media websites Sales partner to has allowed us to Ad network partnership with offerings with facebook India, one of the best-in- bring WAP specialized Exclusive sales exclusively selling advertising to class search VideoWe continue to relationships with premium inventory. management tools. advertisers capabilitiesbe a leading ad several niche We partner with This has allowed usnetwork working websites across facebook and to work closely withwith over 100 genres like music, advertisers closely to leading ecommerceadvertisers across parenting, etc. help brands manage players to optimizeperformance and their social media and manage theirbrand campaigns strategy & advtg. SEM campaigns 3 Confidential
  4. 4. Komli Media Reach UK North America India SEA AustraliaToday our team is 224 strong across 12 offices in North America, UK, India, SEA and Australia 4 Confidential
  5. 5. Komli Mobile at Global LevelAd Impressions Per Month Traffic from 7 Billion Smartphone 65 % Quality traffic Site Genre Targeting users on IncludesFeature phones Komli Mobile Ad Network Search, content,& Smartphones, apps, news, travel, (iPhone and chat etc. Android) 5 Confidential
  6. 6. Targeting on Komli Mobile Platform Capabilities • Handset Model . • Telco operators. • Operating System. • Site Genre (entertainment / business finance / Download etc • In Game (Android and I phone) • City Targeting (USA, Canada & India for now).6 Confidential
  7. 7. Campaign Formats Click to Click to Download Lead Click to Click to Click to Call Wap Video 1.Java Form based 2.Android with 3 – 4 3.I phone field7 Confidential
  8. 8. Traffic on Komli Mobile Network Country-Wise Traffic Per DayUSA India Indonesia Mexico BrazilGermany UK Netherlands Vietnam FranceItaly Saudi Arabia Canada South Africa 1% 1% 1% 1% 1% Device-Wise Traffic per day 2% 2% 2% 3% Nokia Apple Samsung RIM 3% LG MAUI HTC Sony Ericsson 37% Motorola Micromax 5% 1% 15% 4% 3% 5% 5% 29% 5% 26% 12% 20% 16% Top Countries at Komli Mobile Top Device at Komli Mobile 8 Confidential
  9. 9. Tracking Capabilities Pixel Tracking Real-time Analytics and Dashboards Download Tracking Reporting API Automated Reports via Email Alerts9 Confidential
  10. 10. AnalyticsWorld Class Real time Analytics system that delivers key data thatcould be used in significant performance enhancement to the campaign 10 Confidential
  11. 11. Creative Specifications• Banner Specification: 320*52 pixels 300*50 Pixels 216*36 Pixels 168*28 Pixels 120*20 Pixels• File formats: GIF, JPG, JPEG and PNG• Animated or Static banner weight should be under 10KB• Text Ads specification is: Text ads should be max up to 35 characters11 Confidential
  12. 12. Ad unit on Phone Browser12 Confidential
  13. 13. Komli Mobile VideoOur Mobile Video technology is powered by Jivox (Exclusive to Komli)Following ad formats can be served on mobile phones• In App ads - Banners + Plain Video• Pre App ads - Banner + Plain Video• In App ads - Banners + Interactive Video• Pre App ads - Banner + Interactive Video• In Browser ads - Interactive Video (WAP Sites)Phones supporting Banner + Plain Video Phones supporting Banner + Interactive Ads• Nokia XpressMusic • iPhone• Nokia Navigator • iPad• 6720 classic •iPod• E5x, E6x, E7x, E90 • Android• N7x, N8x, N9x• Blackberry13 Confidential
  14. 14. Here’s what it costs Rates $0.05 per click all Countries (RON), For each CPC country rate get differ $1 Per Lead for minimum 3 fields CPL (product sampling, financial lead etc. ) $1 (USD) for free App or 30% from the Paid CPD Apps cost Video Ad $3 CPM14 Confidential
  15. 15. Case Study - Yahoo Mobile Brand Promotion Goal:To increase the number of unique users, raise awareness and increasesubscriptions for Yahoo! India.Solution:Two different campaigns for different applications were designed andprogressed with multiple creative to attract more number of users. Creativeswere refreshed every fortnight. The campaign was targeted on a mix of OnDeck and Off Deck premium inventory of users.Click-to–Subscribe feature was used, where users who click on the ad couldsubscribe to the product at a single click.15 Confidential
  16. 16. Yahoo Mobile Brand PromotionResults:The campaign lasted for 4 weeks and Advertiser was happyto witness 1,200,000 clicks during the period.Subsequently, the campaign was run on more than 200million impressions with a CTR of about 0.60%. Given thehighly targeted users, the advertisers were able to achievean excellent conversion ratio and met their CPA objectives. Performance Statistics Campaigns Impressions Clicks CTR Campaign 1 101,874,197 702,931 0.69% Campaign 2 98,616,451 502,944 0.51%16 Confidential
  17. 17. Case Study - Bluestream Mobile Content Subscriptions Goal: Bluestream Mobile worked directly with ZestADZ to improve their downloads and increase subscriptions to content downloads. The campaign was targeted for users in South Africa, Australia, Denmark and a few other countries in Western Europe. Solution: ZestADZ worked closely with the customer to create campaign creatives and launched the campaign on already popular subscription based sites and social networks. The campaign was refreshed frequently. The landing pages were designed to highlight latest content that was in high demand so that the users can click to subscribe and purchase. 17 Confidential
  18. 18. Bluestream Mobile Content Subscriptions Results: ZestADZ was able to drive more than 3,000 unique visitors each day for a period of one month for the campaign. These users were a targeted segment that lead to a high subscription of the marketed product. The advertiser met ROI objectives well below the set target. ZestADZ delivered the results with less CPA than advertisers targeted CPA. Performance Statistics Impressions Clicks CTR 27,854,083 80,776 0.29%18 Confidential
  19. 19. Case Study - Google Product Promotion Goal: Google to promote their multiple mobile products, increase the number of downloads and raise awareness among the targeted audience. Solution: As the campaign was about promoting multiple product, multiple campaigns were created for each product for the targeted countries – UK, France, Italy and Spain. Premium on-deck and off-deck inventory was allocated for this campaign and the traffic was refreshed every fortnight to sustain the performance of the campaign.19 Confidential
  20. 20. Google Map Promotion Results: ZestADZ was able to derive the following traffic and CTR for the countries mentioned. The campaign was real successful and met the campaign objectives with good ROI . Performance Statistics Campaigns Impressions Clicks CTR UK 9,536,084 33,376 0.35% Italy 2,435,712 13,883 0.57% France 5,933,494 18,393 0.31% Spain 9,925,056 24,812 0.25%20 Confidential
  21. 21. Case Study - Brand Promotion of DirecTV Goal: To create the brand promotion of the product and increase the user base. The campaign was targeted for users in US. Solution: As it was a brand promotion, ZestADZ launched the campaign on the popular mobile content channels like TV, Entertainment and Music sites to attract the prospect users thereby increasing the inquiry of the product. By doing this, ZestADZ helps the Advertiser to promote their product and maintain good CPA as their ads has been targeted only on the relevant channels.21 Confidential
  22. 22. Brand Promotion of DirecTV Results: The campaign duration was 20 days and the subscriptions happened with better conversions. Performance Statistics Impressions Clicks Calls 18,244,443 292,500 11,70022 Confidential
  23. 23. Case Study - MakeMyTrip PromotionGoal:To increase the number of subscriptions and raise awareness about MakeMyTrip.Solution:ZestADZ worked closely with the client for designing the mobile landing page withthe subscription form. Campaign was initiated and progressed with multiplecreative to attract more number of prospect users. The creatives were published on the top subscription sites on a mix of On Deckand Off Deck premium inventory. Users who click the ad will be redirected to theWAP landing page where they can view different holiday packages and subscribe toit.23 Confidential
  24. 24. MakeMyTrip PromotionResults: ZestADZ was able to drive more than 11,000 visitors each day for a period ofone month for the campaign. Average of 12% users subscribe for the services.The advertiser met ROI objectives well below the set target.The campaign duration was 20 days and The campaign was real successful andmet the objectives of the client requirement Performance Statistics Campaigns Impressions Clicks Leads Click to Form 98,616,451 502,944 10058 Click to Call 101,874,197 702,931 681824 Confidential
  25. 25. Landing Page - Builder Komli Mobile Landing page builder creates click to call, click to capture and mobile WAP sites formatted across device resolutions • Upload images • Customize layout and text • Customize background and font colors • Multiple wizard templates • Click to call • Click to capture (email, mobile number) • WAP site (multiple image upload)25 Confidential
  26. 26. Mumbai | Bangalore | Chennai | Des Moines | Hong Kong | London | Manila | Melbourne | New Delhi | New York | Redwood City | Singapore | Sydney | Toronto Web: | Tel: +1 646 546 5442