Corporate Social Responsibility of Green Spaces Realtors


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Green Spaces Realtors is the leading Land Developers in Nasik. Who is engaged in

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Corporate Social Responsibility of Green Spaces Realtors

  1. 1.  Mr. Kiran Chavan is the founder & director of Green Spaces Realtors, Nasik, who has been in the business for the past 25yrs. Green Spaces Realtors is one of the Nasik’s leading Real estate developers, engaged in land development & constructions. We handle property investments & provide expertise knowledge on how to utilize your capital & yield profitable returns for investors.
  2. 2.  Green Spaces Realtors aims as the flag bearer for environmental sustainability by offering a Greener Lifestyle to our discerning customers. A consistent focus on thoughtful master-planning and sustainable development will establish Green Spaces as one of the foremost developers in the country in terms of reputation, customer satisfaction and investor confidence. Our vision as an organization is to create a properties with greater values. Our focus is at creating a SUSTAINABLE AND GREEN URBAN COMMUNITIES thereby living up to our promise of creating properties with great value.
  3. 3.  Silent Valley. Kalpataru Garden. Kalpataru Hills. Eco Park. Eco City.
  4. 4.  Nashik’s first corporate “Green Building”. Under “Leed” certification. Creating a healthy atmosphere to work. Reducing our carbon foot-prints.
  5. 5.  Reconstruction Reusing construction waste Rainwater harvesting Water efficient fixtures & landscaping Photovoltaic solar power system Fresh air ventilation Use of salvaged wood for furniture
  6. 6.  Maximum daylight Energy efficient luminaries Low green house gas emission Indoor air quality Waste segregation Native species planted No smoking zone Place for awareness programs
  7. 7. Solar panel Turbo ventilator Salvaged Wood Furniture
  8. 8. Radiant cooling system
  9. 9.  Eco- Resort. Health – Resort. Eco – Farmhouses. Green restaurant.
  10. 10.  Nashik Eco-Drive. Eco Drive Youngesters Nashik “Cycle Prathisthan” “Hausla”- an initiative for the special kids
  11. 11.  Tree plantation. Seed plantation. Save trees campaigns. Environment awareness. Rescue of the animals and birds. Restoration of heritage properties. Cycle rallies
  12. 12. Tree Plantation Giving life to a Plant.Efforts in Tree Plantation.Planting a Sapling – 10 %Making a sapling to a Tree- 90%Planted and maintained 35250 trees. Seed Plantation Sowing of the seeds on the Mountains and exterior areas of the city.- mangoes, jamun , babul etc…..
  13. 13. “World Vehicle free day” 22nd sept Cycle rally in the Nashik city to promote the use of Cycling and its Uses towards health and environment. Cycle rallies since last 10 years. Use of bicycle at least once in day by our team. Seminar on cycling and health awareness
  14. 14.  Since 2002 till 2011
  15. 15. In the tribal /rural areas and schools. Saving flora and fauna. Reuse of plastic waste. Superstition/blind faith awareness
  16. 16. Ramshej fort :- Approved funds of 50 lacs from govt.Pandavleni caves :- Tree plantation Seed plantation Cleanliness drives
  17. 17.  To make Nashik city of the Greenest city in India. Coming up with international trekking center. 5000 green bicycle movement. Tour d Trimbak like tour d France. Promoting agro and wine tourism.
  18. 18. The best time to plant a treewas 20yrs a ago.The next best time is NOW.