Thinking of standing for a Sabb position?


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Are you thinking of standing for a Sabbatical position. Want to know what the role entails?

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Thinking of standing for a Sabb position?

  1. 1. I’m thinking of standing as… A Sabbatical Officer aka The President / Vice Presidents
  2. 2. Agenda• What is the Students’ Union?• What does the Students’ Union do?• What are Sabbatical Officers?• What is ‘Policy’?• Why stand for election?
  3. 3. What is the Students’ Union?• The University of Salford Students Union is a charity dedicated to enhancing students lives.• We are independent of the University and led by students for the benefit of students.• Every Salford student is a member of the Students Union.
  4. 4. What does the Students’ Union do?Departments and functions:• Student Activities• Student Representation and Support• Marketing• Commercial Services• Finance/HR/Admin etc.
  5. 5. Representation & Democracy President Vice President Vice President Vice President Health & Social Care Science & Technology Arts & Social SciencesNursing, Midwifery & Social Computing, Science and Art & Design Work Engineering Humanities, Languages, & Social Sciences Health Sciences Environment & Life Sciences Built Environment Law Media, Music, & Performance Business
  6. 6. Organisation structure AGM / Referenda Trustee Board CouncilBetter Union Better Better University City
  7. 7. What do Sabbatical Officers do?President:• Chief spokesperson and figurehead of the Union• A full and active member of the University Committee structure• Liaise closely with the Vice Chancellor’s Executive Committee and senior University staff• Responsible for the interpretation of the Union’s constitution and rules• Co-ordinate the activities of the Union Chief Executive and the permanent staff• Co-ordinate the work of the Sabbatical Trustees• Liaise with the National Union of Students• Oversee the finances of the Union
  8. 8. What do Sabbatical Officers do?Vice President:• Work with Union staff members to deliver effective student representation• Support Student Reps in tackling issues affecting the student experience• Work with staff in the Union to ensure the development of student activities• Mount campaigns on issues affecting the student experience• Represent students on University Committees• Take the lead in promoting the Union elections
  9. 9. What do Sabbatical Officers do? Sabbatical Officers wear many hats! They fill a number of roles: • Political activists • Representatives • Trustees • Advocates
  10. 10. What is ‘Policy’?• A statement of the beliefs of the Students’ Union on key issues• They can be a statement of the Students Unions position, a commitment to doing things in a certain way or to campaign on a particular issue• Our policies are made democratically and they are binding on the Students Union*• Policy is passed by Student Council, through referendum or in some cases, directly by the Trustee Board
  11. 11. What to expect• A chance to direct the way the University and Union operates• Challenge the University to maintain a student centred view at all times• Opportunities to choose and lead projects and campaigns• A position of genuine authority and responsibility Meetings and paperwork!
  12. 12. Why stand for election?If you stand for an elected role, you will gain new skills and experiences whether you are successful or not. You can:• Represent students at Salford and contribute to making their University experience the best it can be• Gain new employability skills and enhance your confidence• Spend a year gaining new experiences in presenting, speaking in public, taking part in a range of Union, local and University meetings and events• Play an active part in Union and University decisions and ensure that students get the best outcomes possible.• Have fun, get paid and meet new people!
  13. 13. So what are you waiting for?