Centre for digital business autumn newsletter, Salford Business School, University of Salford, UK


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Learn about the developments at the Centre for Digital Business at Salford Business School. Contributions from Chris Procter, Marie Griffiths, Gordon Fletcher, Aleksej Heinze, Alex Fenton, David Kreps, Maria Kutar, Peter Reeves, Yiannis Polychronakis and Tahir Rashid on their projects and latest developments in teaching, research and enterprise activities


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Centre for digital business autumn newsletter, Salford Business School, University of Salford, UK

  1. 1. The Centre for Digital Business Autumn Newsletter Welcome to the Centre’s first newsletter, this will be a quarterly update on our research, enterprise and teaching activities. Reach us on @DBCentreSalford or m.griffiths@salford.ac.uk Salford MBA: Digital Business Launch We are recruiting for out newly launched Salford MBA: Digital Business which is fully AMBA accredited and is now available with a distinct digital business pathway, it has been developed to provide a skill-set of technological knowledge and managements administration, so leaders are able to navigate digital business settings and technologically base environments. Contact Brian McGarrie Director of MBA and Executive Programme b.mcgarrie@salford.ac.uk Membership Updates Firstly can we give Alex Fenton a warm welcome as he has recently joined the Centre and the Business School from MediaCityUK. Alex can be found in the Lady Hale building and has a number of current projects underway (for more details: http://www.creativehive.org/web/alexfenton). One of the key contributions that Alex will be able to bring to our Centre is the capability to offer technical consultancy and advice via ED Interactive a web development & digital media business (http://www.edinteractive.co.uk/). Sadly Maria Burke is moving to another Centre within the School that better reflects her research interests so we wish her good luck! http://www.salford.ac.uk/business-school/business-services/centre-for-digital-business 1
  2. 2. Research and Enterprise Updates Chris Procter has successfully secured an additional year of UNITE funding. The project budget is £474k of which 50% is match (and the other good news is this means Pam Mullen keeps her job for longer). As Chris has just submitted a bid to HEFCE on behalf of the University for a £1.5m project to develop a pilot project to address the lack of local students going on to PG programmes. Will know about that at the end of October! Publications news for Chris, he has a paper coming out in January in the Int. Journal of Project Management about how they built the cathedral in Florence! Aleksej Heinze together Alex Fenton and Elena Vasilieva are finishing the Passport to Trade 2.0 project which is now live http://businessculture.org/ this includes resources for both companies and students who want to trade/work/ undertake placements in 31 European countries. The unique insights gained from the project are communicated in 9 languages, in text and short animations http://goo.gl/9PnnOx. This includes a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) pilot, which has contributions of 16 digitally savvy professionals in digital marketing industry http://goo.gl/cMji0W. This project is a collaboration of 8 countries and includes universities and SMEs. Aleksej has recently published a paper which reflects on the work done 5 years ago with a former Salford colleague Elaine Ferneley – Ferneley, E., & Child, P. (2013). Ideal participants in online market research: Lessons from closed communities. International Journal of Market Research, 55(6), 1-21 Also Aleksej is involved with a newly developed and successfully run a one day training course in SEO and Social Media Marketing Essentials which will be also available in January 2014. http://www.salford.ac.uk/spd/coursedetails?courseid=S EOANDBpKZ David Kreps has a number of on-going research projects: Making LGBTQ Voices in MENA heard, Collaborators in Tunisia and here in Salford helping with translations and awareness of the project. David is currently working on a number of bids, one with Mary Oliver (from A&M) and Ben Hui, to ACE Digital Fund about live screening events. http://www.salford.ac.uk/business-school/business-services/centre-for-digital-business 2
  3. 3. David has presented his work to CATaC 2012 June in Copenhagen, he working with Gordon on two papers and is developing work towards a 4* paper. David also has a number of writing projects, he is conducting research towards Monograph 'Duree Complexe' and a second on Bergson and Complexity with Palgrave. His Collection of Essays "Gramsci and Foucault: A Reassessment" should be available by the end Sept July at Pennine Telecom, that aims to embed a strategy of cross-channel sales & marketing, concentrating on a seamless approach to the client through all available channels. David is President of the IFIP 9.5 WG and is doing a track at HCC in Turku in Finland 2014 and he continues to act as an Associate Editor of Information Technology and People Yiannis Polychronakis and Peter Reeves have been writing and both have papers in review (2 have gone to 4* publications) Marie Griffiths, Gordon Fletcher and Maria Kutar are currently working on a last minute workshop for the Digital Economy Event held in Media City in November. The workshop extends their Surveillance and Privacy project the Day in the Digital Life (DDL). http://de2013.org/index.php/about/programme/worksho ps/ Marie is part of a project team with colleagues in health that has just submitted a bid to the NHS Cancer Screening Programme. This project aims to create and test a Word of Mouth Mammography E-Network to encourage up-take of routine mammograms by women. Marie is also working with Phil Brown from Salford Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUS) on a project with to assess the Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Business. The centre members are currently involved in 4 KTPs with another 2 in the pipeline, please visit our website for more information Aleksej, Gordon and Tahir are involved in the Erasmus: The Lifelong Learning project to develop a Joint European Masters in Search and Social Media Marketing (JEMMS). With Salford Business School as the leading partner, the project also includes Universities from Bulgaria, Poland, Greece and Lithuania as well as two business partners. The course will be piloted and evaluated through the Massive Open On-line courses (MOOC) systems. Gordon Fletcher and Aleksej are working with Dominic Martinez, Esme Caulfield and Alex Camm also part of a new international consortium - UCCrowd which over the next two years will develop innovation initiatives for engagement of academics with industry. Marie and Tahir Rashid are part of the academic team for a KTP that started in http://www.salford.ac.uk/business-school/business-services/centre-for-digital-business 3
  4. 4. PhD Student News New PhD students: Mona Nassar has started as a new PhD student – she is from Egypt and is looking at Blended Learning – supervisor Aleksej Heinze, co – Chris Procter and personal tutor – Peter Reeves. Good Luck to two of our PhD students who will be submitting soon: Mark Kozak- Holland Chris Proctor's student and Antonio Espingardeiro, Maria Kutar’s student. Other teaching news: We are proud to announce that our MSc module in Search and Social Media Marketing will be the first in the UK to be accredited by the Institute for Direct and Digital Marketing allowing our students to sit IDM Award exams in Search and Social Media Marketing as well as getting half of their mark from their coursework assignments. For the first year the school will be paying the exam fees for the best student whilst others will have to pay their own exam fees if they wanted to get certified. Breaking News! PhD Poster Competition: We are holding a Centre Research Workshop on 20th November from 1:30 - 400pm where we have invited our PhD students to create a PhD Poster of their research. The entries will be displayed at the event and posters will be then judged. The Centre Research Workshop will be a showcase of some of the member’s current research and a space for our PhD students to share their work. Please contact Marie Griffiths for more information. http://www.salford.ac.uk/business-school/business-services/centre-for-digital-business 4