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Bad Marketing - #1 Email Marketing Example


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Bad Marketing!

This is the first in probably many videos that I will make on really bad marketing.

Here is an example of a some really bad email marketing. Every aspect of this email marketing is wrong.

Watch this video to make sure that you don't do the same as this company.

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Bad Marketing - #1 Email Marketing Example

  1. 1. Bad Marketing #1: Email Example Presented By: Chris Hamilton STAD Consulting
  2. 2. Send Me Spam
  3. 3. Force Me to Opt Out
  4. 4. Force Me To Fill Out A From
  5. 5. #FAIL
  6. 6. #FAILPS. This is bad marketing!!
  7. 7. Wrong Way
  8. 8. Wrong Way
  9. 9. Wrong Way
  10. 10. Wrong Way
  11. 11. Wrong Way
  12. 12. Right WaySend to people who have opt’ed to hearfrom youMessage should match the audienceHave a reputable service for emailOpt out - 1 Click - that’s it!!!!
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