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Here are the top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips as presented by Chris Hamilton, daily blogger at and contributing author to a #1 best seller on Amazon on marketing.

Learn numerous tactics you can use to get more qualified sales leads.

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Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips

  1. 1. 10 Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks By: Chris Hamilton www.SalesTipADay.comContact: 1-877-782-2864
  2. 2. 10 Twitter Marketing Tips and TricksTwitter is a very powerful marketing tool that you should beincorporating as part of your marketing.Here are some statistics to show the power of Twitter1: 27% of Twitter users log on to their account everyday 52% of people who log in everyday update their status 25% follow a brand 67% who follow a brand will go on to purchase from that brand 70% of Twitter users are between the ages of 26 to 54 - people who have purchasing power1 1-877-782-2864
  3. 3. I use Twitter to get people to sign up for information that I am givingaway and on average, I see that close to 15% of people who follow mylink on Twitter will sign up for any information that I might be givingaway. In some cases, the sign up form a Twitter message was 50% to60%.This eBook will go over 10 marketing tactics that you can use to helpyou promote your brand, company, product, service or just aboutanything that you can think of. In all of these tips, I have includedlinks to videos so that you can see what I am talking about and learnvisually.I hope that you enjoy these tips and if you have any questions, pleasefeel free to contact me at Hamiltonwww.SalesTipADay.comPS. If you add 20 followers a day, within a year you will have 7,300potential clients. That’s a large amount of people and chances areyou will turn some into clients.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  4. 4. 10 Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks1. Your TwitterProfile:Your Twitter profile can be oneof your biggest marketingangles. Anyone who looks atyour profile will see a lot ofinformation about you or your company. This is a mini-advertisement for you, so take the opportunity to shine.Make sure that you fill your profile out completely. See the video formore.Marketing Tip: Have a call to action in your bio. Ask someone to dosomething, like call you, email you, come see you, or what ever.See the video here: 1-877-782-2864
  5. 5. 2. Hashtags: You use hashtags when you are trying to group and event, topic, news or just about anything on twitter. Basically it allows you to group a topic sothat others can find it. For example, if you are talking on Marketingas I often do, then I will put #marketing in my tweet so that othersknow that I am referencing something related to marketing.If you are going to use hashtags in your tweets, you can search to see the popularity of the hashtag. Also you can lookTwitter and see how many times a topic is being Tweeted to see thepopularity.Marketing Tip: When you are using a hashtag, have something to leadsomeone to a desired action, such as visiting a link in your Tweet.See the video here: 1-877-782-2864
  6. 6. 3. TweetAdder:TweetAdder,, is great software program that you run on your computerthat helps to automate so many Twitter tasks.The automation piece alone is what is so fantastic about thisapplication. This is literally a “SET IT AND FORGET IT” piece ofsoftware. This means, you set it up once and it will pretty much runon its own; adding new followers, removing non-followers,automatically Tweeting for you, Tweeting RSS feeds so that youconstantly have content going out, sending direct messages to newfollower (where you can include a marketing message) and manymore things.You should plan on getting TweetAdder and when you do, you shouldconsider buying the unlimited license or at least a multi-accountlicense. The reason is that you will probably end up with multipleTwitter accounts at some point in time, so why not buy the multi-account license now. If you do buy a multi-account license, make surethat you buy proxies for those accounts. If you use the same proxy(your IP address that your computer runs on), Twitter will more thanlikely shut your accounts down. You will find more information onContact: 1-877-782-2864
  7. 7. where to buy additional proxies in TweetAdder under the Pro Toolssection.Marketing Tip: There are so many marketing tips on TweetAdder, sohere are just a few: Add your business or contact information to your “Thank You” message in TweetAdder. This is the message that is sent to your new followers and it is a great time to showcase your business. Use the power search capabilities to target the people you want to follow based on keywords and location. Nothing like a targeted audience. If you have a blog that has constantly changing information, make sure that you automate the publishing of this information to your followers through a RSS feed. Also, make sure that you add either a prefix or a suffix. A prefix can be “Breaking News” or “New Post from ...” in the suffix, think about a hashtag that you can use to group your Tweet. Of note, if you automate the RSS feed, what ever you add in the prefix and the suffix will always show up, so make sure that it is relevant. note the link above is an affiliate link.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  8. 8. See the videos here:1. TweetAdder Overview: This video will give you an overview of the TweetAdder application and how to use it.2. Search For Followers: This video will give you an overview of how to pinpoint targeted Twitter followers to start an automated follow process. Targeted followers allows you to share a targeted message.3. Follow / Unfollow Function: This video will give you an overview on how to automate the follow/ unfollow process. This process is a huge time saver.4. Automated Recurring Tweets: This video will show you how to spread your marketing message by using the automated tweet process in TweetAdder, saving you a lot of time.5. Automated Tweet Generator: This video shows you a process that allows you to take a marketing message and create multiple tweets from it. This process can dramatically reduce the time it takes to generate tweets. The added bonus is that you can take the tweets that are generated and same them and tweet them for ever if you want.6. Automated RSS Feed Tweets: This video shows you how to take any RSS feed and make it a tweet. This will allow you to automate a tweet stream andContact: 1-877-782-2864
  9. 9. potentially draw people to your Twitter profile, web site or blog among others.7. Automated Thank You Message: Once you follow someone on Twitter, often times they will follow you back. When this happens, you can add a response to the person who followed you through a Direct Message (aka DM). This response is a perfect opportunity to let them see a marketing message.8. Automating Twitter: Here is the last video on how to turn on the automation process in Tweet Adder. This will allow you to automate a lot of repetitive tasks in Twitter and put them into a “Set It and Forget It” mode. There is a huge time savings here.4. SocialOoomph:Social Oomph, , is another piece of software that you can use to donumerous things with your Twitter account(s).Basically, SocialOomph is a dashboard into your Twitter stream. Youcan see more in the videos that I have below or you can go to 1-877-782-2864
  10. 10. to see what it looks like. When you first see it, you may wonder howto use it, but it really is quite simple to use.There is a free version of SocialOomph, but the monthly subscriptionis the way to go. This will reduce your Tweet time significantly. Iestimate that it has reduced it by up to 8 hours a month, more thanoffsetting the cost.Here is a video on how to set up your SocialOomph account: main way that I use SocialOomph is in the following 4 ways:1. Auto Message - When someone follows you on Twitter, you have the ability to send them a thank you message. This is where your marketing can take place. In your thank you message, you can add a plug, such as, “Thanks for the follow, I look forward to reading your Tweets. Please check out my blog at Check out this video: Automated Rotating Tweets - You can create a series of Tweets that you want to post forever or over a period of time. SocialOomph makes this easy to do. For example, I give away theContact: 1-877-782-2864
  11. 11. “25 Must Have Sales and Marketing Tips” on my blog and what I do is create a rotating tweet of 14 tweets that I put out 2 times a day 7 days a week. I set this up once and it’s good to go until I turn it off. Check out this video: Extended Profiles - You only have so much room on Twitter for your profile, but with an extended profile through SocialOomph, your profile can be much longer, meaning you can add a great marketing message. Check out this video: Twitter Stats - There are numerous statistics that SocialOomph compiles for you. Check some of them out in this video: Check out this video: Tip: You can use SocialOomph to Tweet marketingmessages over a period of time. For example, if you have a special ona product or service, you can set up 4 recurring Tweets to go outevery day and end this after the special is over. This way you don’thave to worry about jumping on Twitter and continually tweetingyour marketing message. note the links above are affiliate links.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  12. 12. 5. Promoting Blog Posts: If you write a blog post, or for that matter, have a website that promotes or sells products or services, why not promote this to your Twitter followers?I write a daily sales and marketing blog ( I promote my blog post every day. What I do is take the topicthat I have written about and then I create 3 to 5 quick overviews onthe topic and then I tweet them throughout the day.Added Bonus: Use to shorten your web address or URL. Thiswill take a long website address and shorten it to 20 characters, oftentimes giving back valuable real estate to your Tweets. Also, they havea powerful analytics engine that will show you how many times yourlink was clicked and where in the world people were clicking, amongother things.Marketing Tip: Do up overviews on your blog post, add a hashtag,leave 20 character spaces so that your message can be re-Tweetedwithout loosing the original message. When ever someone re-Tweetsa message, their information is added to the Tweet and if the Tweet isContact: 1-877-782-2864
  13. 13. too long, then Twitter shortens the original message. Once you havethe overviews done, you can use a program like Social Oomph,TweetAdder or Hootsuite to schedule the tweets throughout the day.See the marketing tip video here: Listening On Twitter AdvanceSearch:Hello! Hello! Is anyonelistening? Twitter is adumping ground for peoplelooking for help. All you haveto do is listen.Here is a Quick Process you can use:1. Advanced Search - You can go to advanced to see Twitters Advanced tool. Search on a term that you want to see about, like “I need...” whatever you supply.2. Find results and look to see which ones might be of interest.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  14. 14. 3. Respond - When you find something that interests you, make sure that you reach out them and engage them in a conversation.Marketing Tip: Use a tool like Hootsuite to listen for specific keywordsor phrases. You can set up simple keyword searches in Hootsuite andsee what comes up. Also, always be thinking of ways that yourpotential clients are either looking for something or, big hint - theyshow how they feel about your competition with a “Insert CompetitorsName” Sucks! Nothing like picking up a new client because yourcompetition dropped the ball.See the video here: Landing Pages:Landing pages usually serve 1purpose, getting someone to do adesired action, like give a nameand email away for access tosomething, like a white paper,ebook or access to software amongother things.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  15. 15. You can use your Tweets to bring someone to a landing page in hopesthat they will do something. In fact, if you are reading this ebook,chances are that you received this ebook by filling out information ona landing page.The basics of a landing page are to provide sales or sales leads. If youhave a signifiant amount of Twitter followers, then chances are, ifthey are targeted they will click thru to your landing page.Here is a quick process:1. Get Targeted Followers - Use TweetAdder to follow targeted people. You want to follow people that make sense to your product or service, so that might be on a geographical area, based on a certain characteristic or whatever. Use the powerful search capabilities in TweetAdder to find these people (see Tip 3 of the top 10 tips to figure out how to use TweetAdder)2. Give a tweet that makes them take action - Make sure that your Tweet speaks to the wants and needs of your prospect.3. Put a link in to follow - Always have a link to a landing page or a page on a website or blog so that people can be directed to what you want them to do.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  16. 16. Marketing Tip: Your tweet has to stand out. Make sure that it has ahashtag that is associated with what you are trying to get a potentialclient to do. The other reason you want a hashtag is that people otherthan your followers will be able to find your Tweet, which increasesthe likelihood that they will find your Tweet and potentially become acustomer.See the video here: 8. Coupons: Coupons are a great way to get people to buy yourproduct or service. All you have to do is offer a code or take peoplethrough to a page where they can either print off a coupon or access amobile coupon. If you get them to access a mobile coupon, then youcan now engage the client in mobile marketing too.To see coupons on twitter, use #coupon.Marketing Tip: Offer different ways for your clients to use yourcoupon. One great ways is to have your potential customer follow alink to a page where they can give a name and number to access aContact: 1-877-782-2864
  17. 17. coupon. This way you can continually market to them. Also havedaily or weekly specials (or randomly) so that people have to followyou to get the coupon. Better yet, in order to get a coupon, they haveto provide you with a new follower and that way both of you get acoupon. There are quite a few possibilities. Also, if you want to getmore uptake on your coupon, the use #coupon.See the video here: Cross Reference OtherMarketing:Post your Twitter profile on numerousmarketing material.Set up a Facebook account and link your Twitteraccount to it, in that case, if you can link your Twitter account to anysocial media account you have. You can link your Twitter accountdirectly with your Facebook account in the Settings which is locatedin the upper right hand under your Twitter name, then then at thebottom of the profile tab.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  18. 18. In most cases, the application you are in will let you know if you canlink your Twitter account. The reason for this is that when youupload or add something to a site that allows you to link to yourTwitter account, when you post something new, it can be posted toTwitter automatically.Marketing Tip: If you have Twitter information on your printedmaterial, like a business card, add your Twitter name. Also, if youcan, a great place to add your Twitter information is in your emailsignature.See the video here: Multiple AccountsIt is okay to have multiple accounts on Twitter.I actually have several that match up with theaudience that I am targeting. I have one accountgeared towards real estate, one for sales andmarketing, and one for finance.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  19. 19. If you do decide to create multiple accounts, follow the processes andtips laid out in this document so that you maximize your exposurethrough Twitter.Marketing Tip: Use a program like Hootsuite so that you can view allyour Twitter accounts in one place.See the video here: last piece of advice:Provide value and don’t sell most of the time. I find that if you giveinformation away, you will generally have a better chance at engagingwith your Twitter followers.Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  20. 20. A few more things:Follow me on Twitter at SalesTipADay. I follow everyone back.Please download my “25 Must Have Sales and Marketing Tips andTricks”.Here is a link to a Web Cast I did on the “12 Things I Learned AboutTwitter”. I also include 8 additional topics.See a schedule of my live and recorded sales and marketing web castshere free to connect with me on LinkedIn at Facebook really do recommend TweetAdder and SocialOomph. Both tools willgreatly reduce the time you need for repetitive tasks in Twitter. Hereare the links:Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  21. 21. TweetAdder: you have any questions, please reach out to me atchris@salestipaday.comThanks for reading and watching.Chris Hamiltonwww.SalesTipADay.comTwitter: SalesTipADay403-630-1243Contact: 1-877-782-2864
  22. 22. Like what you see?Then why not contact me to show you how topull your marketing together to create a Sales Lead Referral Machine! Contact me at: or 1-877-782-2864 Toll Free in Canada and US 403-630-1243Contact: 1-877-782-2864