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Realtor Email Marketing Ebook - Help Sell More Homes and Make More Money


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Realtor Email Marketing Ebook is targeted at helping realtors increase their sale success by providing a proven process and methodology. This process can help potentially double (or better) the sales of the average realtor.

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Realtor Email Marketing Ebook - Help Sell More Homes and Make More Money

  1. 1. How to Potentially Double Your Home Sales With Less Than 4 Hours Effort per Month By Chris Hamilton
  2. 2. Potentially Double Your Home Sales With Less Than 4 Hours Effort per MonthDid you know, according to, in 2009 the average realtor worked 40 hours per weekand had a gross income of $51,900?Did you know that the average realtor completed 7 transactions per year in 2009, giving them anaverage commission of just over $7,400 per transaction?Would you like to know how to increase your home sales and make more commissions?Do you know that with 4 hours or less effort a month, you have an opportunity to have a significantimpact on the amount of homes you sell per year? You could increase your income by considerableamounts.How do you do this? By providing targeted marketing through an Email Newsletter.What is an email newsletter? It is an electronic newsletter with relevant content that you send tosubscribers through email on a regularly scheduled basis.If you don’t have an Email newsletter that keeps your clients informed, then you are missing out on atremendous opportunity to significantly increase your sales.Email newsletters allow you to market directly to an audience that wants to hear from you as they havegiven you permission to send them information.Did you know that 70% of all homebuyers said that they would use the same realtor again? Since theaverage homebuyer will purchase a home every 7 years, you should be actively promoting yourself tothis audience so that you are front and center the next time they decide to buy or sell a home.According to Harvard University, found at, the rapid growth in the population underage 45 and over age 65, as well as the rising minority share, will shift the composition of housingdemand over the next 20 years. These changes in the age distribution will mean greater demand forboth starter homes and rentals, and for seniors housing. Why get ahead of your competition andcapture a greater portion of sales from this shift in demographics.If you would like to increase your exposure to a targeted audience and also increase your probability ofclosing more sales, then you will need to follow the information contained in this ebook. The EmailNewsletter service that this ebook leverages is from Aweber,, a leaderin cost effective Email Marketing. You can sign up for an account here.The appendix in this ebook has different ways to contact Aweber.If you need help pulling together any of this information, please feel free to contact me 1
  3. 3. Section1: Impact of an Email NewsletterTargeted Newsletters typically have a 5% contact/purchase rate, which means depending on theindustry you are in, the recipient of a newsletter will typically contact you with an inquiry or willpurchase 5% of the time. This may not sound like a high number, but this response rate is more thandouble the response rate of a direct mailer campaign.For real estate the numbers are potentially higher. If an average homeowner purchases a home onceever 7 years, then on a yearly basis, each purchaser has a 14.3% chance of purchasing a home. If youapply this ratio against 100 email newsletter recipients, then you would expect that in any given year, 14homes would be sold, or just over 1 per month. This is 2 times higher than the current average homesales per year.If you were able to market to 100 people with an Email Newsletter on a monthly basis, on average,you would be able to potentially double or triple the income of the average realtor.Example:If you use the following parameters: You start with 100 people for your newsletter – you should be able to start with this, but don’t fret if you can’t get 100 – I have examples below on how to get subscribers Your newsletter is published monthly You grow your newsletter subscription by 10% each month You have an inquiry rate of 5% You have a close rate of 20% on inquiries which leads to a sale Assumption that each commission is $7,414 (the average commission per transaction by a realtor in 2009)With the above parameters, you should expect to see the following: In year one, you will potentially have an additional $155,694 in new income – Above and beyond what you normally make By the end of year one, you will have potentially 21 additional homes sold per year In year two, you will have an additional potential income of $496,738 In year two you will have potentially sold an additional 67 homes per yearThe annual cost, outside of the time that you put in to create a newsletter, is approximately $250/year,using the year one scenario that would give you a 62,277% return on investment. 2
  4. 4. New Home Sales based on the scenario above: Sales/month - Year One 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0Commissions based on the scenario above: Commision/Month $25,000 $20,000 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 $- Commision/MonthAlternate 1: If you were to increase your newsletter subscriptions by 10 people per month instead of10% additions per month, you would end up with an additional $95,000 in sales on 19 homes.Alternate 2: If you were to use just 100 per month, with further email newsletter subscriptions, youwould increase your sales by 12 per year and have an additional $60,000 in income. 3
  5. 5. Section 2: How to Get StartedIn order to follow this process, you will need to sign up for the service with Aweber at Their pricing can be found here: Theydo have discounts for non-profits and students.This following section comes straight from AWebers website. This is their getting started guide and it isavailable at: is also a PDF version at section may seem complex, but once you actually get into using the AWeber application, it actuallyis quite easy to use. The other thing is, AWeber has amazing support. You can find AWeber’s contactinformation in the Appendix of this ebook.This section is broken down into 5 subsections: A. Navigation – How to become familiar with the AWeber application B. Setting Up Your List – Creating a subscription list C. Writing your messages – How to create Autoresponders and Broadcasts/Newsletters D. Publishing Web Forms – How to create a sign up form and how to post it on your website E. Importing List of Subscribers – How to take a current list and add them to your subscriber listA. NavigationBefore we get to work, lets get acquainted with the control panel and how youll navigate around yournew account. 1. Working in Lists Each list in an account has its own messages, subscribers, and sign up forms, and you may set up as many in your account as youd like. For instance, if you have multiple websites, you can have a list for each. To help you to work separately within each list, near the top of any page youre working on, youll find the name of the list youre working on in the "Current List" drop-down box. To select the list youd like to work in, choose it from the Current List box. 4
  6. 6. 2. Tabs and Menus Once you have the list youd like to work on selected, to navigate around its settings, youll use the row of tabs and menu options at the top of the page. If you hover your mouse pointer over top any of the tabs, youll find menu options to choose from just beneath them. For example, if I wanted to search through my subscribers, Id hover my mouse over the Subscribers tab, then click on Search.B. Setting Up Your ListNow that we know how to get around in the account, lets set up our first list.Hover over the My Lists tab and click on List Settings.On this page, well set up the basics for your list. 1. List Settings List Name This sets the name youll see in the Current List box. It will appear in very limited places in your email campaigns to your subscribers (such as on the unsubscribe page), but it is mostly for your reference, like naming a file on your computer. Enter in your desired name, and wait a few seconds. Just beneath the box, youll see either a green or red highlighted line letting you know of whether or not that name is available. Description Choose a few words here to describe the subject of your list. When someone clicks on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your messages, they will be reminded of what it is theyd 5
  7. 7. subscribed for with this value.2. Company BrandingThere are a few places where youre subscribers will be directed to pages hosted on our system.These include the page they see when they click on the unsubscribe and confirmation links.This is not an entirely necessary section to fill out. In fact, if youre looking to get setup quickly, Imight even recommend skipping it for now. You can always come back later to set this up tobrand these pages.Heres an example of a page to help to illustrate the customization:Company NameJust enter the name of your company here.Website URLEnter the address for your website so subscribers can visit from these pages using your link.Logo URLIf you have an logo published on your website, copy its location (URL address) and paste it in thisbox.Divider HTML ColorNotice the green bar in the above graphic. Its a subtle touch you can make, perhaps to match thecolor scheme of your web page. Type in a color name or use the color code, if you have it.3. Reply AddressEmail AddressWhen someone opens their email, they will see either your name or your email address in theFrom line. This will help them to identify your email from the countless other messages they see.Its important that you brand your messages with an email address including your name or yourcompanys. Wherever possible, youll want to use an email address hosted at the same domain as 6
  8. 8. your website. So, for example, if my website is found at, I could use or Tip: Avoid using e-mail addresses found at the domains of free providers (e.g. and or Internet Service Providers (ISPs like, since spammers often use these for their reply addresses. Needless to say, you dont want to be confused with spammers. Be sure to use an address you check regularly, so that youre in compliance with U.S. Federal law, and so that when your subscribers respond to your messages with an inquiry, you can get back to them in a timely manner. Name Enter your name or the name of your company, something that your subscribers will recognize as soon as they open their email. From/Reply Check this box for the email address you just entered. This sets which address in the list appears in the From line. Notifications If youd like to receive a message from us notifying you of when a new subscriber is added to your list and when subscribers unsubscribe from your list and leave you comments, check this box.C. Writing Your MessagesThere are two different types of messages to concern yourself with: follow up messages and broadcasts. 1. What is the Difference Between Autoresponders and Broadcasts? Autoresponder / Follow Up Messages Follow ups are messages sent automatically, in a sequence. An autoresponder is sent first, immediately when someone subscribes to your list. That message is followed by a series of messages, each scheduled with a set amount of days in between. For instance, I could set up a message welcoming my subscribers as the autoresponder. That way, theyll receive a message acknowledging their addition to the list right away. I could then follow that with a second message sent two days later introducing myself and the product I sell on my website, three days later a message giving more information on that product, and so on... These messages help to build a relationship and trust over time with people who may have otherwise just visited your website once, never to be seen or heard from again. They are helpful for such things as marketing materials, training sequences, and answers to frequently asked 7
  9. 9. questions.Broadcast MessagesBroadcasts are sent once, at a scheduled date and time. They can be written as far in advance asyou would like, and you wont need to log into your account to send them. Instead, theyll be sentat the saved time youve scheduled them for without your intervention.For example, if I wanted to send a monthly newsletter, I could set up three broadcasts for thismonth, next month, and the following, all scheduled to be sent on the first, perhaps at 9:00 AM.Perhaps Id like to send a message to my entire list letting them know of a special promotion Imrunning. Its time-sensitive material, since they need to act by a certain time, so I let them knowby broadcast.2. Creating a Follow Up MessageTo navigate to the follow up set-up page, hover your mouse pointer over the Messages tab, thenclick on Follow Up.Since you dont have any messages created yet, youll see only an Add Message button. Click onthis button to create the autoresponder.Creating a message here is very much like writing one in your own email program. There are someadditional options, such as click tracking and templates, but lets skip those for today; they areimportant for getting our first message sent to our subscribers, which is what we want toconcentrate on.SubjectThis subject appears as the subject line of your message, the same as how the subject of youremail messages appears to your friends and associates.Enter something brief that describes the actual subject of the message. Use something enticingbut not off topic.For an autoresponder message, since youll be welcoming subscribers to your campaign, it makessense to use words like welcome or thanks.TIP: Think of ways to make your messages stand out. Clever subjects are a great way to enticeyour subscribers to open your messages. However, using CAPS, the word free, and excessivepunctuation (!!!) is good only for getting your messages put into your subscribers SPAM folder.HTML Message 8
  10. 10. Youll notice that theres an HTML Message box, where you can type in a formatted message (oruse our templates), but well leave this blank for now. Again, its not essential to getting started,and youll always want to include a plain-text version of your messages in any case.Plain Text MessageThe body of your message goes here. You can copy and paste from somewhere else, or typedirectly into the box.Use the "Personalize" link to customize your message, say with a customers name.Notice that there is a Recommended Width block, which indicates where you should cut off thelines of your messages to be sure that they appear to your subscribers the same way you writethem.Many email programs will impose a line length limit, and will cut your lines off if you dont takethis measure. If your lines go over this length, just click on the Wrap Long Lines link to shortenthem.Dont know what to write in this message?Tip: Use this is as an opportunity to touch base with a new subscriber. Who are you? Why did theyreceive this message? What can they expect to receive from you?The most important thing is to just get something in there to get started. Later, once youre all setup, you can consider things like what types of questions you find yourself answering a lot. Youmay need to look no further than your sent box.Save the messageClick on the Save button at the bottom of the page, and your autoresponder is ready to go.Message #2, 3, 4 ...Creating the messages that follow up on your autoresponder is just as simple as the first. The onlydifference is that once you click on Add Message and add your message content, youll find a fieldto set the number of days our system should wait after the previous.3. Creating a Broadcast MessageTo navigate to the broadcast page, hover your mouse pointer over the Messages tab, then clickon Broadcast. 9
  11. 11. Click on Create Broadcast Message. This button will open a new draft of a message to work on. Creating broadcasts is very similar to creating follow-ups, with a few small differences. Youll notice that, instead of a message intervals, youll set a specific date and time. Choose when youd like for it to send, add your message, then hit the Save button at the bottom of the page. Youll see your message in a Pending Broadcasts section of the page. Notice the date and time set for you each message youve created. Just click on the Queue Now button to confirm youd like for your message to be sent at the time you see.D. Publishing Web FormsNow that you have a message set up, the final step is to publish a sign up form to your website.Web forms provide you with a means to generate a list of responsive subscribers to send your messagesto. Without a place to request more information, it is difficult to establish a relationship with yourwebsite visitors. Instead, people may visit your page, take one look, and never return again.Lets get your first web form published to make sure youre taking advantage of the power of an opt-inemail service to enhance your site. 1. Designing a Web Form in Your Control Panel Click on the Web Forms tab. 10
  12. 12. Click on the Create Web Form button.Youll find two steps to cover: Form Details and Design Form.Well start with Form Details. Once youve completed that section, youll click the Next button toget to the design.2. Form DetailsForm NameGive your form a name. This appears only to you, so just use something you can easily referencelater.TypeThis option controls the appearance of your form. Today well stick with an in-line form, the typethat appears directly within the content of your page, not above or below.Tip: Its important to have one of these published to your page, regardless of whether or not youcome back later to also add a pop-up or pop-over type form to your page. To maximize thenumber of subscribers you generate, you may want to install several to your site eventually.
Thank You PageWhen your subscribers submit your web form, they are sent to a page that will thank them forsubscribing. By default, this is a basic page hosted on our services web server, with no branding.If you or your web designer would like to publish their own page on your website, youll just needto enter the address youd like for us to send them to here.
Forward Variables 11
  13. 13. This is meant for developers or programmers. Just leave this unchecked.Ad TrackingOnce you have a few forms published to your website, it will be useful to review your subscribersand your campaigns statistics to see which of your forms are the most effective in generatingsubscribers.Entering an Ad Tracking category will help you determine who used what form to subscribe. Forexample, if someone used your in-line form on your main page, you might type inline-main.
Start on MessageIf youd like to start subscribers who use this form on any other message than the autoresponder,choose that message from this box. In most cases, youll leave it set as is.Click the Next button.3. Design FormThere are two panels to observe on this page: Fields and Preview.FieldsIts necessary to capture an e-mail through your sign up form in order to add subscribers to yourlist and capturing a name will allow you to personalize your messages with it., so youll find thosefields already under Preview.You can add additional fields (e.g. phone number, city, etc.) by clicking on the Add New Field link.Once youve clicked on that link, enter the name of the field. Check the Subscriber Update box ifyou wish to allow subscribers to change the information they provided at a later time. Finally, clickon the Add button.Tip: You have the option to add up to 25 custom fields to your list, but before you go asking foreverything from address to phone number to shoe size, stop and think about what is reallynecessary. The simpler your forms are, the more likely someone is to give you their contactinformation.PreviewWith your fields set, you can begin to work on the way your form appears.
Headline 12
  14. 14. The headline is what appears above the input boxes (e.g name, email) in your form.To set the headline for the form, click on that line. An example of a headline is:"Sign up for a monthly newsletter"It is meant to put the form into context to make it clear what incentive someone has to entertheir information.Form FieldsJust beneath the headline, youll find the fields currently set to be captured by your form. Again,by default, youll see only Name and Email, but you can add the others by clicking on draggingand dropping them over from the Fields section you just set up.Once youve finished adding your fields, you can click on the Submit button to change the captionof that button to something like Sign Me up! if you wish.Now that youve completely set up the fields and details, just click Save at the bottom of the pageto complete your form.4. Publishing a Form to Your Web PageIn the Control PanelYouve completely set up your form. Now, its just a matter or getting it published to your page.In your control panel, you should see a page with the name of your form, some tracking statistics,and a Get HTML link. Click on that link.A window pops up giving you an option between two versions of HTML. Usually, youll want tochoose the "JavaScript Snippet" version for reasons of simplicity. 13
  15. 15. The "Raw HTML" version gives more opportunity for re-design of the form, so if your web designer asks for the HTML, provide them with that one. When youre ready to publish the HTML to your site, just copy it to your clipboard. In Your Web Hosts Control Panel In order to publish the web form to your page, youll need to have access to make changes to your website. Your web host should have information on just how you do so in their documentation, or you may need to contact their support for a quick walk-through. Tip: You need to get to the HTML source of the page, so that you can copy the HTML were providing you with and paste it in. When looking through the help or calling your host, use that keyword (e.g. "Can you tell me how to get to the HTML so that I can make changes to my pages?"). Once youve found the HTML, just paste in what youve copied. Save the changes, and reload your webpage (making sure your cache is clear in your browser so that its loading the changes you made). You should see your form published with a place for your subscribers to opt-in to receive your information. Having troubles publishing it to your website? Contact our customer support team about how we might help you.E. Importing a List of Subscribers 1. Important: Where is This List From? Do you have a list of people who have previously requested to receive information from you? We offer an import feature to help you to migrate these subscribers to our service. We have very high standards for what subscribers can be used with our service, and we take care to monitor them to make sure that we can continue to offer the excellent delivery rate we do. 14
  16. 16. Before we get to how to import, there are a few things youll need to consider.Did these people really request to receive email message from you?A lot of times when discussing the source of imports with customers, well hear "these are ourcustomers" or "they gave me their business cards at a trade show". Unfortunately, this just isntthe same as giving permission to receive email messages.So, you need to ask yourself: did they really give me their permission to receive email? If not, Imafraid they just arent appropriate for importing to our service.Was this list provided to you by a third party? Was it purchased or obtained from a co-registrationservice youre using? Dont import this list. The use of these lists is strictly prohibited by ourTerms of Service and will result in the termination of your account.
Have you sent them email recently?When it comes to email, consent has an expiration. If you havent sent messages to some peopleon the list for more than a few months, they should not be used either.Subscribers from a longer period before tend to report messages as SPAM at a higher rate and areless likely to stick around should they even confirm.Has the list been managed for undeliverable email addresses, and have unsubscribe requestsbeen respected?Maintaining a clean list is of vital importance, and our service covers both of these bases.Unfortunately, if your previous service has not, there is no way to no clean the list, and it cannotbe used.2. How to ImportSince we require confirmation for imported subscribers, youll first need to customize themessage sent to them. This helps to make the message recognizable to your subscribers.Youll find instructions on doing so in the Confirmed Opt-in appendix of this guide.Once youve customized this message, go to the Import page, found under the Subscribers tab.Youll find a form that provides you with an option to copy and paste in your subscribers. 15
  17. 17. SubscribersYour subscriber data goes here. If you have your information in a spreadsheet, highlight all data,then copy it and paste it into this field.Once you paste into the box, the information will seem to lose the row and column format it hadin the spreadsheet. But in fact, the columns are still separated by a tab character, so its nothingto worry about.Hit the Next button at the bottom of the page. Match up the columns from your spreadsheet withthe fields in your account. 16
  18. 18. Dont have all the fields you want in your account? Hover over the My Lists tab, then click onCustom Fields and add the ones you need. You can come back to this page to match up afteryouve added them.Once youve completed this, click on the Save button. You should find a green success boxindicating that your subscribers are processing.Check back after a little while, following the link to check on the status of your import.DelimiterWhat format do you have your list in? The most common is a spreadsheet. For this type of file,you can leave this set as is. If youre copying from a plain-text file with values separated byanother character (a comma for instance) type it here.If you change the delimiter, be sure to enter the actual character here, and not the word spelledout. So, for example, if your fields are separated by a "," character, enter that character and not"COMMA".Provide an opt-in sourceHow did these subscribers request to receive your specific information? Provide as much detail aspossible (including URL address where appropriate) to expedite the process, as imports arereviewed by our support team.Remember, the use of purchased or co-registration subscribers is strictly prohibited by our termsof service. They cannot be imported. 17
  19. 19. Section 3: Monitoring the email signups and responses to your NewslettersOne of the nice benefits of AWeber’s service is that they have a reporting system that allows you totrack your results.You can tract subscription rates and subscribers.All you do is go to the Subscribers tab and click “Search”Once you do this, you will end up on the following page:From here you can select your current list (if you have more than one) in the upper left hand corner. Inthis case it is a list I made called sales_tip_a_day. From there you can slice and dice the information anyway that you would like and you will be given the results based on the parameters that you inputtedwhen you select the Search button. 18
  20. 20. Section 4: How to get ContactsOne of the biggest challenges that you will have will be getting subscribers for your newsletter. Thereare several ways to do this, but the first point you should know is, you are asking people for their namesand email addresses in order to market to them. The golden rule in Email Newsletters is PROVIDEVALUE.You need to give subscribers a reason to sign up for your Newsletter and the best way to do this are togive something of value away right from the start. If you want to give something away, “How To”articles are usually the best way. You can figure out a “How To” article and write it up on Word. Someexamples are: 25 maintenance tips to help reduce energy costs How to increase the value of your home Renovations and how they impact the value of your home How to ensure that your property tax assessment is fair How to understand what the value of your home isThere are lots of other papers that you can write. Typically you can make these a page to a few pages inlength.Make sure that you include your contact information on the sheet and a link to your sign up. If thecontent is good, people will forward it on to others, doing your marketing for you.Here are several ways to add contacts to your Email Newsletter:1. Add people through your website: Make sure that if you do put an email newsletter sign up on your website that you offer something that entices someone to join. If you use my energy efficiency concept, then you can do something like “Sign up for my monthly newsletter and receive a Tips sheet that will help you reduce your energy bills”.2. Add people you talk to every day: You come into contact with people every day. If you are a realtor, you probably are talking to new clients every day or prospects. Why not ask them if they would like to be on your newsletter.3. Friends and family: This is a great way to get your newsletter out.4. Other realtors: This is a great way to have other realtors know about homes that you might be listing5. Past clients: Just like current clients, past clients are great ways to get your newsletter subscription going. You have to remember, a typical homeowner buys a new home every 7 years. Remember, with this rate, you will see 14% of people purchasing or selling a home in any given year. Why not be the person who they rely on to do this for them.6. Put a plug in your signature line on your email: This is one of the most underutilized forms of marketing available. After you have put in your signature line in an email add something like: “Sign up for my newsletter to stay informed on any new listings”. If you know how to create a hyperlink 19
  21. 21. to your sign up form online, then you can add this here. If you don’t then add you website address for the sign up.7. Use offline to drive your signups: A lot of real estate agents use print material (advertisements, mailers,etc.) to promote themselves and their listings. Why not use this material to provide a way to sign up for your newsletter.8. Find innovative places to promote your newsletter: You can use the likes of Twitter, on line bulletin board, online or offline classifieds, local newsletter, etc. Put some thought into this and you will probably be able to come up with a few different ways to promote your newsletter.NOTE: Make sure that if you are adding people manually to your newsletter list that you ask for theirpermission first. Not only is it annoying to get a newsletter that you didn’t sign up for, it’s alsopotentially illegal. Don’t annoy people or get yourself in trouble. 20
  22. 22. Section 5: Potential Newsletter TopicsA newsletter is supposed to be informative. You want to keep people subscribed to your newsletter, sothe object here is to provide value. You will have to come up with different topics for your newsletterYou should have a section on new listings, as people probably would like to see this. You could also havea feature listing. Other sections could include relevant information for the area you serve, such as howmany homes have sold, prices, etc. New listings – Probably should have this from the start Home Maintenance Tips Household hints What to think of when you are selling your home Checklists Appraisals Neighborhood home sales statistics First time home buyers information 21
  23. 23. Section 6: Tips on a newsletter:The following information is given to provide some guidance on email newsletters. Have a way to have someone contact you – You’re purpose here is to drive sales, give people a way to get a hold of you. Make sure that your newsletter is not too long. On average you have about 5 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Decide the format of your newsletter. Monitor the results, such as click thru’s or opens and try different varieties to see if one thing works better than another. If the format isn’t working, you can change it, but make sure that your changes are not going to negatively impact your subscription rate. You can do two different email newsletters and follow the statistics to see which one might work better. Start out with a monthly or quarterly newsletter. Focus on your clients needs – put yourself in their shoes. Have Sections for your newsletter.If you would like to see other useful information, you can go to AWeber’s blog at 22
  24. 24. 23
  25. 25. Section 7: The last Rule you need to knowYou have to stay committed to this process. If you devote a few minutes a day, then the process won’tbe overwhelming.You could do 10 minutes a day to think of topics for your newsletter or to find new subscribers (orplaces to get new subscribers). One thing that you could do is have a word document where you keepyour thoughts and information for your upcoming email newsletter. If you write something down dailyor every few days, by the time you get to writing your newsletter, you will have a the foundation writtendown and it will make the actual newsletter writing go faster.Best of luck and if you need any help on this process, please feel free to contact me .If you find this information useful, please do not keep it to yourself. Share this information withothers. 24
  26. 26. Appendix A: Information for AWeber:Here are different ways to contact Aweber.Website: www.aweber.comToll free: 1 877-AWeber-1International: 1 215-825-2196Help: to Guide: Contact: 25