5 Secrets To Save You Money On Your Mortgage


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Learn 5 secrets to save you money on your mortgage.

If you are in the market for a new mortgage or a better mortgage rate, contact us:

Great Canada Mortgage Solutions,
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5 Secrets To Save You Money On Your Mortgage

  1. 1. 5 Secrets To Save You Money On Your Mortgage Keeping the Banks Honest By Josh Higgelke Axiom Mortgage Solutions 1-888-786-1753 5secrets@greatcanadamortgage.comJosh Higgelke | 1-888-786-1753 | 5secrets@greatcanadamortgage.com
  2. 2. The 5 Secrets:Secret #1: Who Does AMortgage Broker WorkFor?A mortgage broker works onyour behalf, not for theshareholders of the bank.They only get paid if amortgage closes and theyonly close mortgages by earning the trust of their clients. Amortgage broker will provide you with an honest andunbiased opinion and will always provide you with the bestoption for you. Without happy clients they have no business. Secret #2: How Does A Mortgage Broker Get Paid? A mortgage broker does not charge you a fee nor do they add a percentage to the rate that they can get you. In fact, many times a mortgage brokercan actually can actually get you a better rate than you canget at your bank. We will not lose when it comes to rate.Josh Higgelke | 1-888-786-1753 | 5secrets@greatcanadamortgage.com
  3. 3. Secret #3: Read The Fine PrintRead the fine print, make sure youclearly understand what it is you aresigning. Unfortunately, we have seenwhere clients were not sure of thedocuments they had signed and theywere locked into a mortgage thatdidn’t have the greatest prepaymentprivileges or the ability to port themortgage if they moved to another property… be careful! Secret #4: Did You Know About Hidden Fees? Many times clients will believe that the bank is paying for an appraisal or for the legal fees (if necessary) but most times that is not the case. The banks will add those cost to your total mortgage and the details will be hidden in the fine print. Make sure that you watch for this.Josh Higgelke | 1-888-786-1753 | 5secrets@greatcanadamortgage.com
  4. 4. Secret #5: When Is The Best Time To Get AMortgage?This is currently the mostadvantageous time in history to get amortgage! Interest rates are athistorical lows and you can save asignificant amount of money! Even ifyou already have a mortgage and youmight face a penalty to break it, itmight be worth it. Please make sure you weigh out all of youroptions! It is better to keep your money in your pocketinstead of paying it to the bank.Josh Higgelke | 1-888-786-1753 | 5secrets@greatcanadamortgage.com
  5. 5. To get a new mortgage or if you want to renegotiate your existing mortgage, please contact me at: Josh Higgelke 1-888-786-1753 5secrets@greatcanadamortgage.comJosh Higgelke | 1-888-786-1753 | 5secrets@greatcanadamortgage.com