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Why You Need to Become the Chief Training Officer of Your Sales Team

Adopt the mindset of becoming the Chief Training Officer of your sales team. Learn eight ideas to help elevate the skills & performance of your team.

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Why You Need to Become the Chief Training Officer of Your Sales Team

  1. 1. Chief Training Officer Why You Need to Become the of Your Sales Team
  2. 2. Frontline Sales Managers can benefit from adopting the Chief Sales Training Officer mindset towards their sales team
  3. 3. Identifying the training plan for their team
  4. 4. Working with others to ensure the training is conducted to achieve results
  5. 5. Better training equals better performance and better sales results ACCORDING TO CSO INSIGHTS Outcome of Forecast Deals as Related to Sales Skills Training Program Ratings Sales Skills Training: Needs Improvement Sales Skills Training: Meets Expectations Sales Skills Training: Exceeds Expectations % of Deals Won 40.5% 48% 52.6% % of Deals Lost 34.5% 28.9% 25.6% % of Deals No Decision 26.8% 25% 23.5% Source: Sales Readiness Group, CSO Insights Report 2015
  6. 6. Develop and reinforce critical selling skills outside the classroom Ask questions Listen actively Present value Handle objections Gain commitment
  7. 7. Frontline Sales Managers need to get creative in developing activities
  8. 8. 8 LOW COST IDEAS to complement training Role Playing Team Meeting Exercises Mock Presentations Video Rehearsal 2 3 4 1 Book Club Sales Blog Review Podcasts Guest Speakers 6 7 8 5
  9. 9. Role Playing1
  10. 10. Role play exercises can be the most valuable part of training
  11. 11. Pick a scenario such as responding to criticism or gaining commitment, and play it out at the next sales meeting
  12. 12. Team Meeting Exercises2
  13. 13. Use exercises from past training to generate discussion and debate within your team…
  14. 14. …to increase engagement and interaction in meetings
  15. 15. Mock Presentations3
  16. 16. Alternate Sales Reps to give monthly five to ten minute client solution presentations to the team
  17. 17. If they can’t do this in front of their peers, how well are they representing your company in front of a challenging client?
  18. 18. Video Rehearsal4
  19. 19. Many technologies these days support recording and sharing video role playing
  20. 20. Send out a scenario to your team
  21. 21. Ask each team member to record their response and send it back to you
  22. 22. Book Club5
  23. 23. Assign a chapter of topical sales training books to read each month
  24. 24. Have the team report on specific discussion points
  25. 25. Review Sales Blogs6
  26. 26. Find great blogs to follow and share them with the team
  27. 27. Ask specific questions about the content to encourage their engagement
  28. 28. Podcasts7
  29. 29. Find great podcasts on sales related topics and share them with your team
  30. 30. Many of these are free and can be a great resource
  31. 31. Guest Speakers8
  32. 32. Bringing in expertise outside your team either external or internal to the business…
  33. 33. …can reinvigorate team meetings and provide new ideas and insights
  34. 34. These 8 methods complement sales training programs and further develop team skills and performance.
  35. 35. Learn How to Motivate Your Team for Training Success & More! Download White Paper COMPLIMENTARY OFFER
  36. 36. BY Ray Makela. @RayAMakela