Shadow Coaching Professional Program


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Shadow Coaching Professional Program

  1. 1. RenegadeConcepts
  2. 2. About Shadow Coaching Why It’s So Effective Program Overview FAQ PricingRenegadeConcepts
  3. 3. Shadow coaching is a quick and effective way for companies,business professionals and teams to obtain detailedperformance feedback in real-time to improve their results.Most of us are not aware of habits we have developed through our lifetime andhow they can negatively effect our businesses and professional lives. The subtleways we react, the tone of our voice, even our body language defines us and “ “affects every part of our business from sales to bottom-line growth…thequestion to ask yourself is, “how is it defining me and my business?”Through shadowing, you get a completely objective point of view not based onemotions, past situations or experiences. Observational Feedback Reports helpidentify problematic dynamics and habits that impede your effectiveness andyour companies growth rate.RenegadeConcepts
  4. 4. • Strategic • Sales • Leadership Planning Process • Effectiveness • Financials • Marketing • Mindset • Bottom-Line • Customer • Balance Growth Service • Habits • Team • Productivity CultureRenegadeConcepts
  5. 5. PROGRAMBENEFITSDesigned for Fast Growth Confidentiality AgreementObjective Point of View Experienced Business StrategistQuick Solutions Designed for Long-term GrowthGrowth Strategies Evaluates 10 Business AreasReal-Time Feedback Quick to ImplementObservational Report Context Based FeedbackAction Plan: Specific Achievable Goals Rejuvenate Business GrowthFollow-Up Sessions ConfidentialRenegadeConcepts
  6. 6. Initial InterviewOur engagement together begins with an initial interview. The goal of the interview is to learn about the personal you and the current reality of yourbusiness.Shadow/ObservationThere is very little interaction with us during this time of the program. I will be a silent fixure in your day’s activies (office time, meetings, and otherinteractions).DebriefThe day will end with an observation debrief. The goal is not to advise you or tell you how to adjust, but to help become aware of your unseen habits andhow they are holding you back from your success and professional goals. These observations help map out your 30 Day Plan.Detailed Observation ReportAt the end of our engagement together you will receive a detailed 120 point Observation Report. This full report will contain our findings, specificrecommendations and next steps whether you choose to move onto to a customized Success Program with us or go at it alone, you will have a full report ofour time together.Action PlanYou will receive an Action Plan with specific and achievable goalsFollow-Up SessionWe will meet in person to track your progress and discuss in detail your next stepsFollow-Up Phone CallsOn-going support, guidance and motivation to help keep you aware of what you learned and progressing with your goals. RenegadeConcepts
  7. 7. RenegadeConcepts
  8. 8. The Professional Shadow ProgramThis program is specially designed for individual professionals and Program Detailsmicro business owners. It’s only focus is to quickly move your businessforward. It begins with a full day together to discuss the scope of your 1. 1 Full Daybusiness and shadow/observe your business. The Professional Shadow  InterviewProgram includes a highly detailed Observational Report, an Action  ShadowPlan designed specifically for you from the program observations and 2. Observational Reportbased on your goals and vision as well as a complete Follow-Up Session 3. Action Planone month after your program date. This program will transform your 4. Follow-Up Sessionrevenues.$890 RenegadeConcepts
  9. 9. Q. What types of people and companies does your Shadow Program work best for?A. This program works for people ready to do what is takes to get revenues increasing in their business. It takes amindset of growth, readiness and a true willingness to change their current situation.Q. Have you worked with anyone in my industry before?A. Most likely yes, we have worked inside of multiple industries. Our Shadow Program is effective across a multitudeof businesses and industries because we focus on the context of business (how the business works) not the content(what the business does).Q. How many business professionals have you coached and trained?A. Andy Lowe has been training business professionals since 2002 and began coaching in 2007. Through business,team and executive coaching as well as training seminars, he has coached and trained several thousand professionals.Q. I am concerned about confidentially, how do I know I can trust you?A. Confidentially is imperative to building trust and very important to Renegade Concepts. Every client relationship isguaranteed with a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed before we begin working together. RenegadeConcepts
  10. 10.  The next step for you is to: (404) 909-1454 1. Make the Decision 2. Take Action 3. Contact Us 4. Schedule a Date to Get Started www.renegadeconcepts.comRenegadeConcepts
  11. 11. WAITING FOR? Make the decision and take action, your revenues depend on it.RenegadeConcepts
  12. 12. (404) 909-1454 www.renegadeconcepts.comRenegadeConcepts