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Presentation on the Evolution of the Mobile Web

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Final assignement

  1. 1. The Evolution of Tabletsand its affects on the Web By G. Paul
  2. 2. The Battle for Tablet Dominance Operating systems are the tablet options thatstand out ; for example Apples’ IOS5 or theplethora of Google Android operating systems.There have been some honorable mentions inthis tablet war but none that have made theimpact that these two have.
  3. 3. Synergy of AdvancementUser Agent Protocol: Allows the user to controlhow their device is interpreted on the web.Found on both Apple and Google Android OS. Chrome and Safari are both examples of websynergy. Providing greater mobile webfunctionality.
  4. 4. Innovation in ChangeCompanies need to rethink their strategy with therising sales in tablets and smartphones.This has to be a fore thought not a after thought.Consumers are smarter and know whensomething wasn’t well thought out! (I.E) Web OSand GridOS
  5. 5. Rich Logical User Interface For The Mobile WebWebsites on the web when viewed from thedesktop look great.But when viewed on your smartphone or tabletthey look and function horrendously.WAPEDIA.MOBI FOXNEWS.MOBI
  6. 6. Why have a mobile WebsiteAccording to The Morgan Stanley Reportpublished in 2010. Mobile Websites are on a risewhere desktop use is on a significant decline
  7. 7. Why is this Happening?More often then not people browse the internetwith their smart phones and mobile devices.This is mostly done on breaks or on leisure time.
  8. 8. What does the future predict?The future predicts that we will consume morecontent via newer technology as they arise.As this picture depicts the future is very well onits way . Question is are the technology providersready for the surge in consumer need.
  9. 9. What does the mobileweb mean to you.If you are like me you arelooking for the next bestgadget.Companies need to realize thething that makes a mobilegadget intuitive is how theweb is presented on it. Itneeds to be picture clear.
  10. 10. Where do we go from hereThe mobile web platformlike the human genomewill continuously evolve.It is up to the Industry tohave a betterunderstanding ofconsumer need for their tobe real growth in thisarea .
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