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Tony Robbins


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Published in: Business
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Tony Robbins

  1. 1. 6 TONY ROBBINS INSIGHTS 1. Know your Purpose You MUST have a sense of meaning. Bring an idea of what you need to get done to the office everyday. It will make the biggest impact you can imagine. 2. Give positive meaning to everything Don’t be afraid to take risks. Through wins and losses, your response is key. Learn from both to improve your sales process and create more future opportunities. THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR SALES GAME “ Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. 3. Realize that eveRYthing you do has a consequence Each and every interaction between sales rep and customer leaves a impact. Make sure they’re positive. There’s no neutral in sales. Know your strengths and speak to them. 4. Know that everyone is unique, different, and amazing Be aware that not everyone is like you. Competitors and buyers will not always behave the way you expect- or want. And that’s okay. Keep your head up and realize that everyone has meaning. 5. be drivien by your desire for adventure It’s important to know what motivates you. Be it your past, your successes, or even your fears, be aware of what makes you tick. 6. Expect the unexpected Sales aren’t always predictable. How will you respond when something unexpected happens? Be flexible and respond to changes with ease.