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Sl culture

  2. 2. CULTURE We’re really into culture at SalesLoft As a startup, it’s one of the only things we have complete control over. We get the feeling it’s one of the most important and overlooked aspects of a great business. Culture is more than just a recruiting tool, it’s motivation for our team members to come in every morning and fulfill their dreams, through having fun, building their careers, and serving our clients.
  3. 3. ONE PAGE STRATEGIC PLAN It all starts here. Our OPSP outlines our core values, mission, and strategies. Here we also measure our KPI’s and track progress on quarterly goals It outlines the fabric of our business. Please borrow the template, created by our chairman, David Cummings.
  4. 4. ROWE We operate in a results only work environment. This means we care about keeping the culture and accomplishing our goals. It doesn't matter where you work from or when you leave in the evening. Our vacation policy is "be reasonable," "mandatory vacations" and “paid vacation” - where we actually pay for you to get out of town!
  5. 5. VALUES We look for team members who always start on their own, look for ways to help, and listen to others to make improvements. Start. Look. Listen.
  6. 6. VALUES As a company, we’re always looking for people who love the customer, want to build great tools, and blast off their careers. Love. Look. Blast.
  7. 7. DAILY SCRUM Every single day, our team devotes 10 mins to answering the following questions: 1. What did you do yesterday? 2. What are you doing today? 3. Any roadblocks? This facilitates an effortless flow of information and creates the shortest feedback loop to keep a fast decision making process
  8. 8. ATLANTA TECH VILLAGE The ATL Tech Village is our home. It’s instant community for our small organization and provides creative inspiration, learning opportunities, and serendipitous interactions. It’s just more fun and effective to be around others who you enjoy being around and who motivate you to be your best!
  9. 9. AGILE SPRINTS We move fast and change direction rapidly, so our development and marketing operations work in one week sprints. We call these our weekly tactical meetings.
  10. 10. WEEKEND UPDATE Every Saturday morning, Kyle sends a weekend update. It includes results on our most important metrics (MRR, satisfaction score, dev sprint completeness, product usage, and velocity of inbound leads). We also include a story on how a member of the team is showcasing our core values.
  11. 11. MONTHLY REVIEW We call this our Monthly SaaS Metrics Review. It includes complete transparency across our financials and shows which priority projects we accomplished and which ones come next
  12. 12. QUARTERLY RETREAT Each quarter, the SalesLoft team has a retreat offsite. Here we update the One-Page Strategic Plan, set new quarterly priority projects, and update goals for our KPI’s
  13. 13. CELEBRATE WINS Whether it’s a trip to the bar, a company lunch, or a smash on the gong, we like to have fun while we’re ringing up wins!
  14. 14. STARTUP CHOWDOWN Every Friday, the team has lunch with the Atlanta Startup Community. It’s a great networking opportunity and a time to enjoy great food. We’d love for you to join us!
  15. 15. Our software is the simplest way to build accurate sales and marketing lists. And Yes! We’re hiring Share on or