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Seeds nets spears


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Seeds nets spears

  2. 2. Who is aaron ross? Author of best-selling sales book, PRedictable revenue, Aaron ross is a leading mind in sales. At, Aaron made a name for himself creating a scalable business model that helped the business bloom into one of the top software companies in the world.
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM the key to creating sales growth isn’t hiring perfect sales reps or process. It’s creating a predictable, scalable pipeline for your reps. An outbound prospecting team can help achieve this goal. WIth quality prospecting, your reps will have a much higher chance of closing deals.
  4. 4. WHAT DOES IT TAKE? For great prospecting, lead classification is a keystone: Aaron ross Uses three different categories, based on how they’ve been a contacted. These categories are: Seeds, Nets, and spears. Word of mouth Marketing outbound sales Seeds: NETS: SPEARS:
  5. 5. 1. SEEDS Seeds are LEads that have been created through word of mouth, primarily from prior relationships or as referrals. SEEDS ARE THE BEST LEADS YOU CAN GENERATE. THE Good: Highly profitable, deals close quickly. Impacted by great customer service The Bad: You can’T Grow them, you just have to be patient. Often associated with relationships of the founders which is unscalable.
  6. 6. 2. nets Nets are leads you’ve gotten through your Inbound marketing effort: SEO, SEM, SOCIAL, Webinars, VIDEO, blogs, etc. You’re casting a wide net with all your content, so this is quantity over quality. THE Good: marketing programs can be scalable and can pick up virally. Leads that come to you are already showing interest. The Bad: Many leads aren’t qualified, so conversion rates can be low.
  7. 7. 3. SPears Spears Are Leads that your sales reps and BDR’s have reached out to directly, commonly from lists gen and basic prospecting. Specific and targeted, spears focus on quality over quantity. THE Good: Predictable results, often pinpointing specific executives. You get to pick who you call. The Bad: Not profitable for small deals or customers Hard to scale exponentially and can affect headcount and culture heavily.
  8. 8. Takeaways The three types are complementary. While seeds are great leads, they don’t generate enough revenue scale strongly. Nets are great leads but often take a long gestation period to mature. spears provide a great balance of quantity and quality and are often recommended to balance the other two + + = predictable, scalable revenue
  9. 9. takeaways what makes this a great analogy? Seeds, nets, are all necessary for a well rounded sales process. Realizing and quantifying each lead before handing them off to the sales team will make their selling more effective. Regardless of company size, this process can help streamline your sales engine. + + = predictable, scalable revenue
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