Inside Vs. Outside Sales


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Inside Vs. Outside Sales

  1. 1. INSIDE OUTSIDE vs Sales teams are seeing a growing distinction between inside and outside sales. these two sales roles and environments. Let’s explore common guidelines that $36,000-65,000 $31,000-50,000 Inside sales is growing FIFTEEN times faster than outside sales. That’s 7.5% vs. .5% annually. In other words, From this, we know outside sales reps make, on average, 12-18 percent more annually. 800,000 new jobs in three years (2010-2013). inside and outside sales? TRAVEL TRAVEL Limited. They typically work from an office for a certain number of hours a day. Often. Their sales focus on meeting face to face. Customer visits are frequent. SCHEDULES SCHEDULES Inside sales reps typically have structured that don’t change much day to day. Outside sales reps tend to have flexible schedules focused on meeting with clients on their terms. SALES CYCLE SALES CYCLE Normally focused on large sales, the cycles tend to be longer and more complicated. Since face to face interaction is rare, the sales are often smaller, with shorter cycles. TIME TIME Time is spent on the run. Making mobile calls and emails in route to meet a client is common. Most time is spent reaching out to prospects through phone and emails to get a demo. Outside sales works predominately through face to face meetings, including travel. This makes their schedules more unpredictable, with a focus on larger sales with longer cycles. BOTH What’s equally important to both inside and outside sales reps? KNOW YOUR PRODUCT. Always try to improve your calls, emails and demos. LEARN FROM PEERS. Be competitive. Regardless of your industry try to learn the best practices of your peers. If someone is great at cold calls, sit with them and learn what makes them great. HONE YOUR LISTENING In sales, listening is often overlooked. Don’t forget to pause during conversations and let your prospect SKILLS. speak to you. Keep every conversation interactive. PROMOTE CUSTOMER Work to make your customers feel like their important to you. Because they should be. They’re what ultimately LOYALTY. will make or break you, so be genuine and give back. THE BOTTOM LINE So we know what’s similar and different, as well as what skills are resounding for either role. So now the big question- what can you expect if you’re interested in getting a job in sales? 75% of buyers would prefer not to spend time meeting face to face. For every ONE outside sales rep being hired, there are Technology is a big player in this change. With new ways to communicate, face to face interaction is often unnecessarily time consuming. TEN inside sales reps being brought on. This shows inside sales is rapidly growing. Inside sales reps not only save businesses money (important for start-ups), but better cater to today’s customers that don’t need face-to-face interacting and prefer initiating the buying process remotely.