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The pitch

  1. 1. Guess Who?
  2. 2. The Genre Horror Sub genre: Slasher, mystery & thriller movie We will have stereotypical stock characters from a slasher movie Also a stereotypical setting (the woods) May break rule of thirds for suspense. Idea inspired by the movie “Scream”
  3. 3. The Narrative and Setting Beginning 30 minutes of the movie will be in the woods and a house in the woods. 1 st act: Characters find body in woods (still alive) Plot point 1: victim goes missing 2 nd act: Steve gets murdered Plot point 2: Timmy and Stacey set a trap for killer and rings her brother to come 3 rd act: Killer is found out and killed by Arnold.
  4. 4. The Characters Victim/killer: name never found out, aged around 18, extreme psychopath murders just for fun. Main antagonist. He looks trustful and not scary at all. That is why no one believes he is the killer until the end.
  5. 5. The Characters Stacey Parker: Teenage girl age 18, not very smart but she can defend her self. Main protagonist.
  6. 6. The Characters Steve Branch: A very strong guy, aged 19, plays rugby and can protect himself. Bullies Timmy but when things start happening they become friends. Saves Timmy's life but gets killed off in the middle of the movie.
  7. 7. The Characters Timothy Atoms (Timmy): Very smart boy. He gets bullied a lot at school and is very shy, but his smartness helps Stacey set the trap at the end.
  8. 8. The Characters Arnold Parker: Member of the police force, aged 19, comes in the last 30 minutes of movie after Stacey phones him. He saves her life at the end by killing the killer just as he’s about to stab her.
  9. 9. Audience and Budget Range The age certification will be a 15 People who like horror/slasher movies will love this movie Anyone who likes murder mysteries will also love this movie. It will be a small budget movie Miramax Studio would distribute this movie and we will produce it our selves.
  10. 10. The Opening Timmy is getting chased by Steve Timmy falls over and lands on a body that he later finds to still be alive They take the body to a safe place (a house) Body goes missing It will be a everyday hero introduction It will be very apparent what each character is like just by looking at them. Music will start with the credits instantly hooking the audience.
  11. 11. Thank You For Listening To Our Pitch!