Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillarytexts?
  2. 2. Why the prints are forms appropriate choices for youproduction and audience?They give an insight into the show and gives the viewer an understanding of what they will be watchingIt also represents the genre of the documentary well, the work show relevant information for example the time ‘Wednesday 28th of March, 8:00pm’ and also what channel the documentary is showing on.The magazine double page spread is appropriate as it shows key scenes from the show and gives an in depth look into the journey of ‘River Travel’
  3. 3. Date which it is airing so that the reader can make Magazine Double Page Spread. a metal note. A few different pictures to entice and intrigue the reader into watching the documentary.Here we have anoutline of themain story line,which helpsreaders find outabout the showprevious to itairing.
  4. 4. A small caption to make theNewspaper advertisement. reader think what the documentary is about. The time and place where An interesting picture to capture the the documentary will be viewers attention and show the journey showing. down the river which will be taken.
  5. 5. How have your three productions been designed to harmonisewith one another: to look like they ‘belong’ together? Considerespecially your use of image, font and mode of address. Newspaper advert-In this advert we used the same shape of river to show the journey which we will be taking in the first series, the advert and the documentary have similar fonts and pictures because they are linked due to the our company producing the documentary and marketing it, where as the double page spread is produced by RadioTimes. Double page spread- The image used as the background is a provocative insight into our travel and the smaller pictures also give an insight into the documentary and what/who will be in it. This doesn’t have as much of a connection to the documentary as the advert but still will feature main parts of the doc. The photos used in the RadioTimes advert were shots taken by the production team of the documentary and given to the RadioTimes.
  6. 6.  The font used went along with the idea of flowing rivers, we used a font which we believed resembled this best, we used this for both the newspaper advert and the magazine article because, through research we realised that both institutes that created the pieces would go with a similar theme, even though they are not linked. The mode of address throughout all of our pieces of work is interactional, this is because it is the type of documentary which we were creating.
  7. 7. How clearly do the print materials convey thegenre/narrative/characters of your moving image text? The magazine advertisement clearly shows the genre of the show, we do this with screen captures from the documentary, which illustrates a few different places where the boat stops off at. The Magazine advertisement also shows the main presenter on set interacting with the viewers. The main picture of the magazine article is a provocative picture of a local river and the boat which I would be embarking on, we used this picture to link to narrative which is a travel from one end of a river to the other.
  8. 8. How effectively do they serve as marketing tools? Use what youlearned last year about film marketing help you to answer thisquestion. I believe that the newspaper advert will market the documentary but it could have been much better than it was. If I would have put more information into the advert it would have enhanced the narrative of the show and if I would have put a picture if myself, the presenter, I believe that it would have set the scene for the advert better than it did. Even though the magazine advert is not seen as marketing tool from the view of the documentary producers, it serves as a great tool to inform the viewer of what is coming up in the series and because of this it becomes a great tool of advertising.