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How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. How effective is the combinationof your main product andancillary texts?
  2. 2. ResearchRadio Times Double Page SpreadsFor the print work I was required to look at existing examples of work. I lookedat a variety of different copies of Radio Times magazines as this was themagazine that we were aiming our double page spread to be in. Additionally, Ilooked at some online copies to confirm my research and gather a consistenttheme throughout the online PDF copies and the printedcopies.The first initial part I noticed with the double pagespread was that the initial character of a group oftype would have a different font and it would besignificantly larger than the rest of the type.This was something that was vital to keep consistentas otherwise there would be an inconsistencythroughout the branding for Radio Times.
  3. 3. Print WorkMagazine Article
  4. 4. Print WorkNewspaper Advertisement
  5. 5. ResearchSimilarities and DifferencesThe similarities between our piece and one in the radio times are as followed.The initial type at the beginning of the paragraph which is consistentthroughout most of pages. I also looked at a few copies when designing thepiece so at the beginning of the text I could put in exactly the write type, forexample the channel the show is being held on. Furthermore I positioned thetype to the edge of the page which is common in a lot of their double pagespreads and finally to conclude there was a unique typeface for the ‘logo’ thisshould not be consistent with the type in the film which is a problem that weoccurred.
  6. 6. Print Work EvaluationMagazine ArticleWith this particular piece I feltthat the branding interferedwith the branding of thedocumentary as we used thesame logo on this piece and thedocumentary itself. If I were torepeat this process I woulddefinitely have re-shot thephotograph and framed theitems so that the column oftype would be on the right asopposed to the left as naturally our eyes read from left to right. This is not amajor issue however it means that we are drawn in to read the text beforeknowing the name of the documentary. I also would have moved the gunperhaps to allow a section of just wood where the text would go so we are notforced to cut off any of the objects.
  7. 7. Print Work EvaluationNewspaper Advertisement The newspaper advertisement was a piece which was left to the last minute which straight away meant that it was being rushed. The positives of this piece are that the two images can clearly be recognisable and connected. The logo for this piece was rushed as it was a last minute alteration that was required. Therefore this piece I am very disappointed with this due to the lack of planning. Time management was definitely a problem that I found with this piece.
  8. 8. Print Work EvaluationConsistencyThe print work has similar imagery so that it is clearly identifiable that they arethe same media piece. However, for the magazine piece I had to design it to fitthe themes and conventions of Radio Times magazine, and pay particularattention to the fact that they would not share the same designers.However, we wanted to have a similar and clearly identifiable selection ofimages.Conveying the genre was a slight issue as we didn’t have uniform to use as ourprimary signifier so we opted for a more subtle approach. We displayed abullet, dog tags, pen knife and badge to convey the idea of war.