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Question 6


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Question 6

  1. 1. Camera The image on the left hand side shows the camera that out group used to film our two minute film opening. The camera that we used was a canon.We all found that the camera worked well and did not havemany faults. Some of the filming came out looking a littleblurry but nothing that we couldnt fix in editing. So overallthe camera work was a success.
  2. 2. TripodAnother piece of equipment that we used was a tripod.The aim of the tripod is to fix the camera in place so thatit is secure, this enables you to get your shots perfectlystill and steady. In most of the shots where we used thetripod it has worked well. We found that as the tripodcan be quite restricted in height some of the variety ofshots that we wanted to use meant that the restrictioncaused a few problems, however in the end it was notvery noticeable.
  3. 3. Voice and Audio Recorder The picture in this slide shows the voice and audio recorder. We used this when dialogue was used in the inside car park scene, we needed to do this otherwise it would be hard for the audience to understand what is being said.After we had used the voice and audio recorded we could tellthat It had work well as the dialogue used was clear andunderstandable
  4. 4. LightingThe image below shows the lighting that weused in our film. The lighting was very effectivebecause it helped to get a better view ofcertain shots and brighten the film. We usedthe lighting in the two apartment scenes thatare involved in the flashbacks. Using thelighting made a lot of difference to theoutcome of the shots, we know this becausewe accidentally filmed a shot without using thelighting and then reshot with the lighting. Youcould see how improved the shot was whenusing the lighting against the shot without thelighting
  5. 5. EditingThe image on this slide shows our film being edited.When editing we used a software called Adore PremiereElements. This was a key factor in our film since afterfilming we had a lot of editing to do. In our editing wewere able to cut our film down to 2 minutes and also addour film titles. In addition we were able to include specialeffects to the film, these effects included fading, soundeffects and others. The editing in The Betrayal was a hugesuccess.
  6. 6. Garage Band The last piece of technology that we used was Garage Band and in the image to the left you can see me working on it. Garage Band allowed us to create external music and sounds that we could add into our film. Garage band provides a number of different sound that can be put together.We first used garage band to create a mellow Non- Diageticsound. To do this we used two different types of pianos anda shaker, this song really illustrates the mood in the scenes.We also used a another Non- Diagetic song from garage bandbut this was much more up beat and implied the action inthe film. Garage band help me a lot and was very simple touse.