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Media convergence magazines


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Media convergence magazines

  1. 1. Media Convergence “The twenty-first century is when everything changes…”
  2. 2. Convergence  The occurrence of two or more things coming together. The exam board requires that you be familiar with…  Issues raised by media ownership in contemporary media practice;  The importance of cross-media convergence and synergy, in production, distribution and marketing;  The importance of technological convergence for institutions and audiences;
  3. 3. Cross-media convergence  Refers to two distinct concepts Convergence of text and narrative across multiple media platforms to create Intermedial texts. Convergence of industries. Businesses that once concentrated on only one media platform now concentrate on several.
  4. 4. Cross-media convergence Intermedial texts
  5. 5. Cross-media convergence Multiple media platforms
  6. 6. Cross-media convergence Industrial convergence  Through merger and acquisition
  7. 7. Cross-media convergence Industrial convergence  Through merger and acquisition
  8. 8. Cross-media convergence Industrial convergence  Through diversification
  9. 9. Cross-media convergence Industrial convergence  Through diversification
  10. 10. Synergy  Where different entities cooperate advantageously for a final outcome.  The cooperative action of two or more activities, resulting in a different or greater outcome than that of the individual activities.  Synergies between institutions are a long- established pattern in the media.  Now, thanks to convergence, synergy within institutions is also commonplace.
  11. 11. Synergy  The integration of products or institutions for mutual benefit. Can be external or internal Disney DVD Bethesda Softworks Disney records
  12. 12. Technological convergence  Once there were only Newspapers.  Advertising  Wax cylinders (then records, then CDs, then MP3s)  Magazines  Radio  Cinema  Television  Videogames  The Internet  EACH CONSUMED ON A SEPARATE DEVICE.
  13. 13. Convergence and Synergy  Over Christmas, you were asked to choose a magazine that interests you and...  Identify the core audience as defined by the publisher (look for pages on the corporate publisher website for ‘advertise with us’ for details.)  Study the magazine and identify the ways in which the publisher attempts to meet its audience’s needs and expectations (through advertising, editorial content, design, language style etc.)  Extend this study to the magazine’s online presence. How does the magazine’s website ‘partner’ the printed magazine? What additional features are available online – for example additional articles, video clips etc? How is it funded?
  14. 14. Convergence and Synergy  For Friday’s lesson, review your notes. Identify examples of  Cross-media convergence  Synergy  Print off at least one example of each and bring them to class for ‘show and tell’.  You will be grouped by publisher, so make sure your research is secure!