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Media Pitch


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Published in: Education
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Media Pitch

  1. 1. Rise and Fall Joe McElhill, Joe Miller & David Jones
  2. 2. The Brief • Documentary, we chose this brief as we believed out of the three it had so much potential • We immediately chose the genre of football undoubtedly because we are all so passionate about it • So we feel an ideal choice was to be creative with football in our media piece.
  3. 3. The Channel • We took a look at the criteria needed from a documentary to be shown on a certain channel. • as our documentary will be about football we decided this programme would fit perfectly for this channel
  4. 4. The Channel • After a brief question and answer session with the local public we got a response of a football documentary being shown on sky one • We believe this is a good choice as sky one are very hands on with there approach to the countries most played sport with a vast array of programmes • E.g. Soccer am, Footballs next star, Wayne Rooneys street striker, Football icon, Dream Team.
  5. 5. The Narrative • In our documentary we are going to be following the stepping stones in modern day football, and how a young aspiring footballer of whom plays at grass roots • Following a u18’s grass roots team, having interviews with ex internationals and ex schoolboy players of whom had a taste of the elusive “wonderful life”............
  6. 6. The Narrative • We will go further into how their careers were enlightened or in some cases cut short by either injury or rejection. • There will also be professional coaches giving us there view on the grass roots level and give advice to how a young player will get to live their dream.
  7. 7. The narrative: shortlist John Terry – Chelsea Captain, England international Tinoi Christie – ex new Zealand international Steve brown – ex Reading Aaron Nowacki – ex Fulham and England schoolboy (captained Wayne Rooney) Keith Bradbury & Ben Kersley – ex QPR Robbie Kersley – ex reading Phil & James Young husband – Philippines internationals Chelsea staff member Chelsea Coaching staff Danny Hollands – Bournemouth midfielder Jamie Mackie – Q.P.R striker
  8. 8. The Narrative • With the gap between grass roots and pro being so big there is so many stories to have in our documentary • Chris Smalling was playing for non league Maidstone two years ago now he plays at the theatre of dreams old Trafford • Luke Sheekey was an aspiring footballer in England but moved to America
  9. 9. The Narrative As well as Interviews we will be recording and following the u’18s team, and how as a team they try to push on team building and how individuals want to build a career but in different ways of getting one.
  10. 10. Sub-Genre With our style of Documentary we believe with the examples given, a voice of god works well, as the voice will appear over the montage and shots given, and will somewhat behave as a running commentary of what we are seeing and who we may be about to see.
  11. 11. Audience C1 and C2 also D as Football is seen as the working class game. Our main target audience is Football fans, but it will be mainly appealing to teenage boys and male adults of whom will be intrigued by the concept of what it really takes to be a pro, and how the massive leap from grass roots to pro to some people isn't a great leap after all, i believe teenagers will watch it as they will see it as an opportunity to get advice and a look in to the criteria needed for them to try and get their dream.
  12. 12. Audience • We will make sure our targeted audience will get what they want by ensuring in-depth interviews on people who have been there and done it, also as we look at the modern day teens trying to make it • We can try and take a look at every move they make and why they make it so our audience can get the most out of the programme.
  13. 13. The Project • We expect our project to look as if everything's happening at the moment its being watched, so interviews feel like the answers are being addressed to the audience, we also believe montages will be perfect with the interviews. • When addressing the u’18s school team we believe a style like “soccer documentary” video would work very well with establishing shots and shots of which lead into where “we” are.
  14. 14. The Project • As for montages and Interviews interchanging and working well we would like to have a similar approach to the editing style and content of shots used in “soccer teams scouting American...” as the montage – interview straight change works effectively as it gives the audience a clear move of what they are doing and what they are telling us.