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2nd Annual State of Revenue Operations Report


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What You'll Learn

- The current state of RevOps (survey results from 2,462 B2B practitioners!)
- The biggest challenges & barriers that hinder companies transitioning to revenue ops for the first time
- The steps companies are taking today to fix the customer journey & deliver a unified customer experience across their go-to-market teams (sales, marketing, customer success, and operations)
- Real-world examples & stories “from the field”, from world-class RevOps executives and practitioners

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2nd Annual State of Revenue Operations Report

  1. 1. 2nd Annual State of Revenue Operations Report Real-World Stories & Lessons Learned
  2. 2. Housekeeping This webinar is being recorded. It will be shared with you after the webinar. Say Hello! Open up your chat-box & let us know where you’re joining from. Questions? Ask them in the Q&A for LIVE answers!
  3. 3. Today’s Speakers Craig Rosenberg Chief Analyst, TOPO (Moderator) Evan Liang CEO, LeanData Marcus Bening VP Revenue Operations, Outreach
  4. 4. What is Revenue Operations? The function that designs, manages, and tracks non-product experiences across the entire lifecycle
  5. 5. The Revenue Process Reigns (finally) The horizontal platform designed to guide experiences across the entire lifecycle from the first engagement through LTV to drive consistent revenue at scale.
  6. 6. 2020 Begins the Alignment of Everything Aligned experiences deliver extreme value across the revenue process
  7. 7. Framework for Revenue Operations Success
  8. 8. Advantages of Revenue Operations
  9. 9. About the Study ● 2nd Annual study by LeanData and Sales Hacker. Conducted In Q4 2019 ● Surveyed B2B Sales, Marketing and Operations professionals based primarily in North America ● A total of 2,462 individuals participated
  10. 10. About the Study
  11. 11. Do you believe the ability to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience (pre and post sale) is a key differentiator and revenue driver for B2B companies?
  12. 12. 95% Agree: Customer Experience Is Key to Unlocking Growth RESULTS RevOps has made us very aware that the sales process does not stop with the customer’s first signed contract. There is a customer lifecycle in place we need to manage, monitor and optimize.” - Franco Anzini VP of Revenue Operations, Malwarebytes “
  13. 13. Are sales, marketing, and customer success go-to-market functions optimally aligned at your company for growth?
  14. 14. 37% Disagree: Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Are Aligned to Effectively Deliver RESULTS
  15. 15. Rate the level of alignment in your company's revenue engine across 6 key areas.
  16. 16. Data Ranked as the Revenue Engine’s Least-Aligned Function (1-10 scale) 5.75 Go-to-Market Planning 5.71 Data 6.00 Infrastructure 6.11 Lead Management 6.07 Measurement 6.06 Go-to-Market Strategy RESULTS
  17. 17. Do you have a Revenue Operations function at your company?
  18. 18. RevOps Adoption: It’s On the Rise RESULTS
  19. 19. What are the biggest challenges companies face moving to Revenue Operations?
  20. 20. Common Barriers to RevOps Adoption RESULTS
  21. 21. For More Information ✔ Download the Report! ✔ Reach out to LeanData or Sales Hacker with any questions
  22. 22. About LeanData LeanData provides the leading Revenue Operations platform for high-growth B2B organizations. Our industry-standard Matching, Routing and Attribution solutions help align revenue teams and accelerate growth. We’re powering Revenue Operations at 600+ companies and growing, including Outreach, Marketo, Okta, and Verizon Media
  23. 23. About Sales Hacker and Outreach Outreach and Sales Hacker share a mission to help all customer-facing teams do their jobs smarter. Outreach is the #1 Sales Engagement Platform. Sales Hacker is the #1 Sales Community.
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. Thank You