Opening Doors Like a Startup!


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Russell Banks - 20 years tech sales experience, Curator Startup Digest and CEO Investor Sheet


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  • Digianswer/Motorola
    Pioneered Bluetooth
    From $0 to $500k-$750k a month
    $17-$25m OEM Deals
  • Microsoft
    Xbox and Office retail
    Top sales through channel in region
    1 vs 15 (Sony reps)
  • Spark Promotions
    Beverage Division
    100% acceptance of piece for Diageo (1st time anywhere globally)
    One of 3 on Beck’s global supplier list

  • Vodafone
    Premium SMS and Mobile Billing
    Maintained revenue of €15m annual during tumultuous period.

    Various startups
    Middleware, consumer services, analytics.

  • Different types of salespeople
  • People buy from friends
    This for me is the key…..relationships.
  • Who is selling B2B?
  • Who here has cold called/Emailed?
    It can be horrible right?
    Interrupting the person
    They need to change lanes in their mind
    Goal to get the next meeting

    Very difficult to build a relationship from an initial hostile first contact.
  • This has been the biggest revolution in my career as a sales person.
  • Concept of Customer Development
    The process to identify if there is a problem worth solving for a particular customer
    Think of it is as research, NOT selling.
    (this takes a bit of getting used to)
  • People will lie to you
    Because we like to be nice
  • So how we can get potential customers to tell us the truth?
  • This will allow you to build a relationship which at the right time, can become a sales opportunity.

    Sales is about being there enough times that when they do need your service they think of you first.
  • Opening Doors Like a Startup!

    1. 1. Opening doors like a startup! Russell Banks CEO Investor Sheet @russellbanks77 @investsheet
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    18. 18. Personas Email Customer Development Meetings @russellbanks77 @investsheet
    19. 19. What problem do they have? How are they solving it now? What in your proposed solution solves that problem for them? @russellbanks77 @investsheet
    20. 20. They want: Overall View Because: Current Way Takes too much time Why? 1. Can't get actionable results easily 2. Effort to link data 3. Using lots of tool 4. Tools are domain specific 5. Specific can't give overall view SAVE TIME Spend less time in dashboards, and more on making decisions What they need! 3rd Party Tool Integration One Pager Revenue Story Deep Dive @russellbanks77 @investsheet
    21. 21. Hello, Emotional Reason to engage with you. – People like to be nice Broad definition of area of activity. – Do not use emotional language (pain, problem, better etc) – If the area is a pain point they will respond. If it isn’t they won’t. Validation – If you think you need it. Case by case. The Ask – Keep it simple, people are time poor. Best Regards, Russell Banks @russellbanks77 @investsheet
    22. 22. Hello, I am contacting you as I'm involved in a startup and we are in the early company building stages of product/market discovery. We are developing a solution for startups and investors to manage their relationships with one another. We already have 30 startups and one global accelerator programme on our alpha programme. Would you be available for a 15 minute Skype call sometime in the coming week about how you currently manage on-going investor relationships with your teams? Best Regards, Russell Banks @russellbanks77 @investsheet
    23. 23. Don’t tell them what you’re building/selling You are in discovery mode They should be doing 90%+ of the talking YOU ARE NOT SELLING!! @russellbanks77 @investsheet
    24. 24. @russellbanks77 @investsheet Have a questionnaire – Re-use with all interviews, tweak as necessary NEVER ask questions set in the future – Would you, could you etc.. No leading questions – Get to the root of an answer by asking why (a lot). Note emotion! –  
    25. 25. @russellbanks77 @investsheet
    26. 26. Validated learning Positive 1st time experience Open Sales Door @russellbanks77 @investsheet
    27. 27. @russellbanks77 @investsheet
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