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Outbound Prospecting a SDR’s Perspective


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Outbound Prospecting a SDR’s Perspective
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Outbound Prospecting a SDR’s Perspective

  1. 1. Outbound Prospecting A SDR’s Perspective Jorge Soto CoFounder at Former Head of Inside Sales, MoPub at Twitter @sotoventures
  2. 2. Who I am 12 years, Obsessed with Sales Door-to-door to Enterprise Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Sales Training (S4S) Always Startups until Twitter
  3. 3. Who I am $100 million at exit to Twitter in 2013 Led inside sales & demand gen >
  4. 4. Now
  5. 5. What is Sales • It’s a game of inches • A Process • Finding the buyers • Art of Effectively Dealing with Rejection • Managing Self Emotions • Art of Listening, Discipline, & Schedule
  6. 6. Objective: Create a highly qualified list of leads/prospects that will be used to conduct cold outreach via email, phone, and other outreach mediums.
  7. 7. Ideal Customer Profile: 1) Super Granular, Exact Employee! 2) Close enough, to Seek Referral
  8. 8. Ideal Customer Profile: Company Level SMB, Mid-Tier, Enterprise? Characteristics? Integrations? Verticals? Locations? Size?
  9. 9. Ideal Customer Profile: Employee Level Title? Decision Maker or Influencer? Exact Title or Department Referral? Location?
  10. 10. What do you ACTUALLY do? Ideal Customer Profile: Exercise
  11. 11. WHY should they care? Ideal Customer Profile: Exercise
  12. 12. How do they buy? Can they sign? Ideal Customer Profile: Exercise
  13. 13. So…WHO is the buyer? Ideal Customer Profile: Exercise
  14. 14. WHERE is the buyers contact info aka data Add to tool or destination Data Entry & List Building
  15. 15. Tools:
  16. 16. Case Studies: (Saas) (AdTech)