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Sales Hacker Series LA - kevin gaither - hacking outbound prospecting


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Outbound prospecting solutions

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Sales Hacker Series LA - kevin gaither - hacking outbound prospecting

  1. 1. Hacking Outbound Prospecting
  2. 2. Kevin Gaither VP of Inside Sales, ZipRecruiter, Inc. ZipRecruiter is a job distribution service making it easier for hiring managers to acquire candidates fast (no, we’re not recruiters) CEO & Founder, Inside Sales Recruiting and Consulting ISR helps companies hire top Inside Salespeople and specializes in building, expanding and optimizing inside sales strategies for smart technology companies. 8/21/2014@KevinSGaither 2
  3. 3. Why should you listen to me?  20 years Inside Sales Experience  Recognized as Top 25 Most Influential in Inside Sales by AA-ISP in 2010-2014  Built two outbound prospecting teams from scratch (and made all the mistakes)  Took inside sales team from $19k revenue per month to $1.2 million per month in 6 years  Helped 3 companies become Inc 500 companies 8/21/2014@KevinSGaither 3
  4. 4. Break into Voicemails  It’s about conversations  Breaking into voicemails LOOKS like an internal call 8/21/2014@KevinSGaither 4
  5. 5. Guess Email Addresses  Download Rapportive for Chrome,Firefox or Safari with Gmail 8/21/2014@KevinSGaither 5 No Match! We Have A Match!
  6. 6. Rip Leads into Salesforce  Download Sales Loft Prospector 8/21/2014@KevinSGaither 6
  7. 7. YOU Make The Call!(when you see they opened your email) 8/21/2014@KevinSGaither 7  Download Signals (
  8. 8. Slow Down to Speed Up 8/21/2014@KevinSGaither 8  Do Your Afternoon Prep  Evaluate Your Calls  Track Your OWN Metrics
  9. 9. Wrap It Up  Hack Voicemails for MAX conversations  Be a super sleuth and find email addresses  Rip awesome targeted lists quickly into SFDC  Make the call when they open your email  Slow down to speed up 8/21/2014@KevinSGaither 9
  10. 10. 8/21/2014KevinSGaither 10 careers Twitter: @KevinSGaither Email: