Overview of your Enterprise Edition


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  • To help you better access support and training resources, it is helpful to review some general information on the salesforce.com edition that you will be using.
  • After being accepted into the Power of Us product discount and donation program, you will have access to 10 salesforce.com enterprise edition licenses at no cost, deep discounts on additional licenses, products and/or services from salesforce.com, discounts on training and special events, access to nonprofit and higher ed specific users groups, events and webinars, and discounts on participating Apps and consulting partners from the AppExchange.
  • <<Animation 1>> The Enterprise Edition is the most popular edition offered by salesforce.com and it includes access to a host of what we call data objects and tools that your organization can use to manage constituents, programs, volunteers, and lots more.
  • The Enterprise Edition is the most popular edition offered by salesforce.com and it includes access to a host of what we call data objects and tools that your organization can use to manage constituents, programs, volunteers, and lots more.
  • This is a list of the all the objects and tools available with the Enterprise Edition. With the Enterprise Edition, you are also given 1 GB of data and file storage<<Animation 1>> In addition to the standard Enterprise Edition, Power of Us customers also get some extended limits including 2,000 custom objects, unlimited tabs and apps, 5 developer sandboxes, and 1 configuration only sandbox. <<Animation 2>> If you are new to salesforce and want to learn more about what an object or a sandbox is please review our nonprofit translator at www.salesforcefoundation.org/translator
  • If you started your trial on the Salesforce Foundation website and chose the edition that is preconfigured for donor management, then you are using the Enterprise Edition PLUS the Nonprofit Starter Pack. The Nonprofit Starter Pack is a series of 5 managed packages that sit on top of your enterprise edition licenses.
  • Some people get confused by this idea of a managed package, but you think about your enterprise edition licenses as a base structure or a blank room where all your data is going to live . . . That blank room gives you the freedom to do customization that specifically fits your organizational or business requirements.
  • The Nonprofit Starter Pack is a series of customizations that sit on top of that Foundation. Specially it includes customization of some of the salesforce.com standard objects including Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Campaigns as well as a series of custom objects including households, recurring donations, affiliations, and payments. With the Nonprofit Starter Pack you have access to ALL the objects that are part of the Enterprise Edition plus some custom objects that are just part of the Nonprofit Starter Pack. To learn more about the nonprofit starter pack, please go to www.salesforcefoundation.org/nonprofitstarterpack
  • The additional products available at a discount include any enterprise edition licenses above the 10 donated licenses, other salesforce.com products like service cloud licenses, premiere support or the marketing cloud among others. <<Animation 1>> If your organization needs more than 10 licenses OR if you are interested quotes for additional products, please call 1-800-NOSOFTWARE to get connected to your Account Executive.
  • Overview of your Enterprise Edition

    1. 1. Product Overview
    2. 2. ••••••
    3. 3. Enterprise Edition + +ORG LICENSES
    4. 4. Enterprise Edition + constituent mgmt donation / grants mgmt reports & analyticscampaign / events mgmt custom objects case managementcollaborate with Chatter file sharing / content mgmt workflows & approvals email & activity mgmt 1GB file / 1GB data mobile access (Mobile storage Lite)
    5. 5. Enterprise Edition + Foundation Edition = Enterprise Edition + Feature Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities ✔ = included Tasks, Events, Activities ✔ Email integration – Outlook, Gmail, Lotus ✔ Google Apps ✔ Mobile Access ✔ Content Library ✔ Reports & Dashboards ✔ Leads, Lead Management Routing, Web-to-Lead ✔ Cases, Case Management Routing, Web-to-Case ✔ Email templates, Mass Email ✔ Salesforce to Salesforce ✔ Chatter ✔ Campaigns, Forecasting ✔ Products, Pricebooks, Quotes ✔ Role permissions ✔ Workflow & Approvals ✔ Territory Management ✔ Apex Code, Dynamic Dashboards ✔ Profiles, Page Layouts ✔ Offline ✔ Web Services API ✔ Full Mobile $ = additional cost Premier Plus $ = additional cost Data.com $ = additional cost Sandbox – Developer, Configuration, Full 5 Developer, 1Config Only, $ Full Unlimited Tabs & Apps ✔ 2,000 Custom Objects ✔ * includes 1GB of data and file storagewww.salesforcefoundation.org/translator
    6. 6. nonprofit starter packA series of 5 “managedpackages” that sit on top of yourEnterprise Edition licenses:• Contacts & Organizations• Households• Affiliations• Relationships• Recurring Donations
    7. 7. Salesforce Enterprise Edition Imagine a room = a data object
    8. 8. Nonprofit Starter Pack Contacts and Orgswww.salesforcefoundation.org/nonprofitstarterpack
    9. 9. % discountWe give to Purchase more additionalnonprofits licenses Proceeds go back cycle of into the Foundation sustainabilit y
    10. 10. discounts on additional products 1-800-NOSOFTWARE
    11. 11. Next: Learn about theStandard Success Plan