Introducing NPSP 3.0


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Introducing NPSP 3.0

Join Kevin Bromer, Director of Product Development, on the new features and functionality of the new Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0 including: support for multiple and seasonal addresses; a new Household Account model that makes it easier for you to manage households; easier control of settings and configuration through a new centralized NPSP Settings tab; and lots more.

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Introducing NPSP 3.0

  1. 1. Nonprofit Starter Pack v3 Kevin Bromer Director of Product Development /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  2. 2. Marketing Communications Fundraising • Multi-Channel Marketing • Email Marketing • Marketing Automation • Social Engagement • Donor Management • Events Management • Volunteer Management • Grants Management Community Engagement • Social Intranet • Member Community • Affiliate/Chapter Community • Partner Community Program Management • Case Management • Call Centers/Hotlines • Advocacy/Policy Tracking • Grant Portfolios
  3. 3. NPSPv3 (aka ‘Project Cumulus’) is an investment in our customers’ success, and a representation of the Foundation’s commitment to support all of our customers in achieving their mission success.
  4. 4. What’s new?! For Users For Admins and Techies • Full Salesforce1 Mobile Support • Customize Your Household Names • Track Multiple Addresses & Seasonal Addresses • Automatically Sync Addresses Between Members of a Household • Built-in Support for Address Verification • New Donor Stats • Support for Primary Contacts & Affiliations • Brand New Docs • Hassle Free Upgrades • Health Check for your Organization • Flexible Architecture & Design • New Settings Interface • Additional Configuration Options Across All Features • Support for Household Account Model • Streamline Contribution Process
  5. 5. Short NPSPv3 Demo
  6. 6. Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0 Team David Habib Senior Developer Jason Lantz Lead Release Operations Engineer Carlos Ramirez Martinez-Eiroa Senior Developer Jon Varese Lead Technical Writer Nicolas Campbell Developer
  7. 7. What you need to know…
  8. 8. 100% Open Source…
  9. 9. Community supported…
  10. 10. You can get it today. • Application is live! • Upgrades for existing customers • Trials provide NPSPv3 • Instructions found in the Power of us Hub
  11. 11. How do I upgrade? • No data migration is required*** • Installer guides you through the upgrade process • Always use caution whenever performing a change or update to your organization!
  12. 12. Data Model • NPSPv3, like previous version offers multiple data models • NPSPv3 adds an additional model, the ‘Household Account’ – you do not have to change • We believe this is the ‘best practice’ model for most organizations • Many new features and functionality are designed to work solely with the Household Account model • We provide some basic tools for helping organizations change models
  13. 13. Older NPSP Versions • Will still be available on the AppExchange • Contacts & Orgs and Households will eventually be removed from the AppEx • Relationships, Affiliations, Recurring Donations and Batch Data Entry will remain available as separately installable packages if required • Minimal-to-no additional bug fixes will be available for these base packages
  14. 14. FAQs & Documentation • Why should I upgrade to NPSP 3.0? • How is this, or is it, different from Salesforce1 for Nonprofits? • How do I upgrade? • Is the NPSP an ‘official’ Foundation product? • How is it supported? • Where is there information on the roadmap? How is that determined? • Where can I find documentation, discussion, places to make feature suggestions, etc.? • Where can I find more information on NPSPv3?