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"How To" Use Social for Recruitment webinar


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Take a closer look at how the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud delivers best-of-breed tools for content marketing, social engagement and analytics. Jennifer Phillips, Customer Success Manager at Foundation for the Marketing Cloud, describes how schools leverage Salesforce to conduct social media campaigns, reply to and route responses to posts and measure the results of social recruitment efforts.

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"How To" Use Social for Recruitment webinar

  1. 1. “How To” Use Social for Recruitment Jennifer Phillips Kathy Lueckeman A Customer Success Webinar to Help You Connect With Your Students in a Whole New Way /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
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  3. 3. Jennifer Phillips Customer Success – Marketing Cloud
  4. 4. Social for #HED Recruitment Jennifer Phillips, Customer Success – Marketing Cloud
  5. 5. What’s In Store • Why Social for Recruitment is Important • Listening for Recruitment • Engaging in Recruitment Conversations • Measuring Success • Focus On: Operational Considerations • Q & A
  6. 6. Recruitment Is everybody’s job.
  7. 7. …If you are not active on social media, you are not contributing to the recruitment of the incoming Class… Dr. James Michael Nolan President, Southwestern College [Huffington Post 2013]
  8. 8. Listening Social Recruitment
  9. 9. The Role of Listening • “Catch” recruitment conversations • Understand key platforms, conversation timing • Inform digital publishing timing, SEO • Define engagement strategy
  10. 10. Listen to Inform • Recruitment conversations by Media Type • Define engagement • Determine digital publishing strategy
  11. 11. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Jim Rohn Photo: Stop All Way, Peter Kaminski, Flickr
  12. 12. Engaging Social Recruitment
  13. 13. Engagement Planning • LoFi is better than NoFi • Shared plans and clear responsibilities = improved [measurable results]
  14. 14. Recruitment Engaging • Build for scale • Know your voice • Deliver value • Apply Metadata • Execute to plan • Measure, refine
  15. 15. Engagement Basics Review Post Enrich Post Reply: Send Information Update Engagement Level Measure Impact Add Value to Conversation | Add Metadata to Posts & Sources
  16. 16. Listen Engage Social Care / Business Process Publish Customer View Our Vision for Social Marketing
  17. 17. Measuring Success Social Recruitment
  18. 18. Impact Evolution • What are “Vanity Metrics” • Defined Goals • Integrated Web Analytics • Leverage Metadata • Review and Refine
  19. 19. Operational Considerations Social Recruitment
  20. 20. Success Considerations • Collaboration is key…let’s talk about why • What does it take to implement? • Depends on your plan, environment, resources • Social Media Playbook • Partners & Implementation • ROI / TTV • Resource Planning • # of conversations • Recruitment plan complexity • Part of the Plan = Audit & Optimize as a recurring effort
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Introducing… Collaborative Spaces for Teams to Operate at Social Speed & Agility Plan, Source, and Publish Compelling, Brand-Safe Social Content Enable Authentic Interactions with Every Consumer Assess and Refine Your Strategy Based on Results and Data Workspaces Social Content Marketing Engagement Analytics Consumer Ease of Use + Enterprise Class Capabilities
  23. 23. Workspaces Team Collaboration & Planning at Global Scale Time to Value and Business Agility: Stand up teams and get working in minutes Productivity: Optimize the experience & assets for individual teams Best Practices: Reduce creative costs and improve outcomes by knowing what social content performs & sharing with other teams
  24. 24. Social Content Marketing Plan, Source, Execute, and Measure Differentiated Social Campaigns Collaborative Team Planning: Coordinate via a unified calendar to align and execute social campaigns Protect and Safeguard the Brand: Customize approval rules to review social content Find Compelling Content: Access stock images, trending web stories, and customer- specific sources of content via our open platform and an ecosystem of partner apps
  25. 25. Open Platform and Partner Ecosystem Access Compelling Content from Integrated Partners and Your Own Sources Stock Photography Content Discovery Custom Integrations Add Your Own Custom Content Sources and Apps
  26. 26. Engagement Handle Authentic Customer Conversations at Social Scale and Speed Scale Engagement: Use workflow, custom macros and automated rules to route conversations to experts Team Collaboration: Consult colleagues to obtain the information necessary to address customer issues Respond Anytime: Execute your social strategy and operations on the go with mobile and tablet access
  27. 27. Understand Marketing Impact: Review summary level statistics on engagement and content quality trends Identify High Performing Social Content: Analyze post-level results in detail to highlight top performing teams, campaigns & content Analytics Performance Reporting to Measure Campaigns, Teams & Social Content
  28. 28. Join Us at the Higher Education Summit • 23 higher education sessions • 45+ speakers • Dr Mark Milliron and Eric Stoller as keynotes • Loads of networking opportunities mit June 5-6, 2014 in Tempe, AZ