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How to protect your pets from fleas


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If you have a dog or cat, this webinar sponsored by BugMaster Termite Pest & Lawn is for you. Gail Appling, a pest control expert and vice president of Bugmaster, will discuss:

* What risks are out there and why is it important to make sure your pets are flea-free?
* How can we prevent out pets from getting fleas and threaten contaminating our home?
* What can be done when a flea problem has already presented itself in the home?

We will also have a live Question and Answer session immediately after the presentation.

Save your gas, we are bringing this information right to you!

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How to protect your pets from fleas

  1. 1. How to protect your pets from fleas and stay flea free! The effects of living with fleas: Your pet Your family
  2. 2. How to protect your pets from fleas and stay flea free!Prevention is the key: Wash your pets bedding/towels regularly Vacuum regularly Treat your pets regularly Keep your lawn trimmedWhen all the above fails, call in the pros.
  3. 3. How to protect your pets from fleas and stay flea free!When a corrective treatment becomes necessary: Company that is licensed and insured by the Texas Department of Agriculture Find out the Company’s guarantee Prepare your home according to the PCO’s directions Continue to take preventive action
  4. 4. Who is BUGMASTER? We are family owned & operated Protecting families, pets & homes since 1980 Located in Humble, TX You can find us at www.mybugmaster.comThanks for attending. Stay tuned for more buginars.Our next topic will be TERMITES.