Why Top Sales Reps Will Be Unemployed in Two Years


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Are you at the top of your selling game? Do you want to stay there? If so, you better start evolving now. Your customer and your market are changing. Learn how to keep up.

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  • Why Top Sales Reps Will Be Unemployed in Two Years

    1. 1. 1Why Top Sales Reps Will beUnemployed in Two YearsImage courtesy of gobankingrates.com
    2. 2. 2The buying environmenthas DRAMATICALLY changed.Unfortunately,most sales forces havefailed to adapt – especially atthe rep levelIt may be 2 years, it may be5 years, but they WILL beunemployed.
    3. 3. 3The reason isobsolescence- a failure to evolve withthe market.
    4. 4. 4The buyer environment haschanged to be:• More social• More informed (they already knowyour solutions)• Needing different solutionsbecause their consumers havechanged• Coming from a new marketsegment that has not been a usualtarget
    5. 5. 5Many Sales Reps havecontinued to rely on:• Traditional relationships• Providing information(inward-out)• Not recognizing changes intheir customers’consumers’ patterns• Staying within theirtraditional comfort zone oftarget markets
    6. 6. 6Ask the question…“Will today’s Reps be theright Reps for tomorrow?”
    7. 7. 7Either upgrade themorMOVE THEM OUT!Assess your reps to identify those thataren’t evolving.Either upgradethemorMOVE THEMOUTImagecourtesyofterriblecopywriter.com
    8. 8. 8This is easiestexplained through astory…..
    9. 9. 9Rick is a veteran salesman.Rick, a perennialsales star, will bein the top 5 thisyear.ImagecourtesyoftimesharebrokersalescomRick is unaware ofhis need to savehimself fromobsolescence.
    10. 10. 10Domina has been in sales for12 years.She was a top 5 performer forthe last 4 of 5 years.She will NOT be a topperformer this year.Imagecourtesyofwhatsforwork.files
    11. 11. 11If you just look at performance, you miss thefuture consequencesRick will continue tobring in revenue usingtraditionalmethods, but this willsoon fade.His customer base hasbeen changing and heis not prepared.
    12. 12. 12Domina will have adecreased amount ofsales for the next yearor so.Once retooled, she willrocket to consistentstart performance.However,she is retooling herselfto match the changingmarket and customer.
    13. 13. 13Now, let’s look at some of theindicators of obsolescence withthese two reps.The full list of symptoms isavailable here
    14. 14. 14This is a samplelist of theSymptoms ofSales RepObsolence.It includes theactions of theobsolete repversus that of theevolving rep.
    15. 15. 15Why?This initiative works best if HR takes theresponsibility.Most Sales Leaders are too busy tomanage the long view.They are focused on monthly /quarterly quotas, pending deals, andhelping handle objections.
    16. 16. 16HR should take the lead to work withSales Leaders through these steps:• Communicate unceasingly on the need to evolveto changing markets/customers.• Download this tool of sample obsolescencesymptoms• Assess Reps to see who is evolving and who is not• Determine what competencies are needed for thefuture• Devise development plans for the Reps that CANevolve• Reassign or release Reps that cannot or will notevolve
    17. 17. 17Sales Reps -You’ve got two years to change your fate.It’s better to go through change before youhave to.Download this tool now and start working onyour evolution IMMEDIATELY!
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